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no becuase sasuke is a Lighting element 19 33.33%
yes becuase naruto has been only tuaght by Jiriyai 7 12.28%
it's fair 31 54.39%
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Re: kakashi an asshole?

Originally Posted by Sauron View Post
did they? according to your logic of how the teachers are presented no. you are assuming that gai and all of them supported the others where is your proof?
now gai is a decent example of kakashi's relationship if not even more. lee need alot of training not being able to use ninjtsu and genjtsu so gai taught him the lotus and the reverse(eight gates). where was neji or tenten? you can say they are decent fighters but lee's abilities in my mind were above the others and you know why because gai saw himself in lee.(his favorite)

now reading most of this thread i can tell you are a huge naruto fan and probably feel hurt because you think he could've been stronger with kakashi's help. The only person you can possible blame is kishi or his team for making kakashi teach other people. i reread an earlier manga that said he was only going to teach naruto then he asked his other people and the added the others. Before you on a rant about that you should really ask youself why they did that. Maybe somethings just need to happen in everyones life and that helps to build your character. hope you find some closure in any of this.
I knew Kishi's original idea. I think he should've stuck with that. Well Gai has been shown in flashbacks training the group together. During Tenten's match at the Chunin exam, Gai is right in the stands cheering Tenten on. And, during Neji's match, he shows confidence in Neji's ability and that he's strong. And, Gai tried to teach all of his students the lotus, but Lee was the only one to work with it enough and grasp the concept, so Gai took Lee to the next stage. Shikamaru is Asuma's favorite, but he does things with Ino & Chouji as well and takes them out to eat, as well. When he was dying he said encouraging things to all of his students, showing that he did pay attention to them, know them and cared. Hinata might be Kurenai's favorite, being a girl, but she also show greats confidence in Kiba, Shino may frighten her a bit.

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