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Who is the real Pain...figured it out.

I guess I figured it out.

Let's begin with Nagato's past.

Nagato was a child who hated to fight, unlike Yahiko. Nagato was afraid of wars, but Yahiko wasn't.

Here is the first line where is stated that pain will bring peace:


So, Yahiko is the one who believes that pain will bring peace, which is the same thing Pain believes.

That was my first counter to Nagato=Pain theroy. Nagato just wasn't a type of guy who wanted to fight in a war.

To continue:


Here we can see that Nagato is a crybaby. Do you honestly believe that someone like that could/would become Pain? No.

We also see that Yahiko thinks that strentgh is everything. Tears make you weak. Pain is also emotionless.


Rain. Yahiko is the one who hates rain.


''The sky cries again...Pain...you...''

This must mean that rain has something to do with Pain's feelings. What I think is that it brings back memories. Memoreis of Yahiko who's been dead for some time.

Now, Nagato saved Yahiko from that shinobi. I believe that in a way Nagato admired Yahiko. He was always the stronget one, the one who believed in fighting and would stop at nothing to protect it's friends. I think that's what kind of guy Yahiko is(just like Naruto).

IMO, when animal realm Pain told J-man that Yahiko died, he was telling the truth.

We all know that Pain has the power to bring other Pains back to life. IMO, none of the 6 paths can do it. So, how can he bring them back to life?


Chakra reciver.

Isn't chakra the thing that helps you move and live and stuff. When Sasuke ran out of chakra he couldn't move his own body. Now, these things recive chakra from sme source. Imagine Nagato being the source. When J-man killed animal, hungry ghost and human someone brought them back to life. My theroy is that Nagato was somewhere there and he just filled them with chakra, bringing them back to life.

Why didn't he bring the animal realm back to life? It was freaking useless. J-man destroyed it's body. What was the point of bringing something back to life if it will die again in a few minutes.

Now, there are 6 Pains and NONE of them is the real one. Who is?



Some new kiddo said that Kona(lol) aka Konan is the real Pain. Once again, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Konan rly is the real Pain then why would Pain send her battle against J-man, knowing that she might die.

The real Pain is...Nagato.

-None of the 6 paths isn't the real one
-All of them have rinnegan
-It has to be one of the three children
-Pain grew into a God(Talk Nagato/J-man)
-Chakra recivers

I already posted a theory. If Nagato can send chakra to paths maybe he can also send rinnegan's powers and shape trough the recivers.

6 paths and J-man knowing those 6 shinobi:


J-man was writing a damn book. He must have writen something about the dudes he fought. I think that Nagato would for sure read books his old sensei wrote(and the two of them were rly close). When Yahiko died, Nagato went to find the shinobi which were in J-man's book, killed them and brought them back to life as ''6 paths of pain''.

Also, why is Konan always with Pain?

Pain(Nagato) and Konan were rly close since they were kids.


She could even be his sister lol

So, there it is.
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