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Shades of Gray Chapter 3

Until ML is back up, I'll just post these here chapters. You can respond in this thread 'cause I love most of you.
His knight rose from her bed, it was soft and comfortable compared to the rubbish she’d slept on for the past 5 years. The silent sounds of breathing traveled from the sheets. Her lord. He looked just as formidable in sleep. Her bare feet strolled across the hardwood floor, looking for something to cover herself with. Bruises and scratch marks littered her body. Three bite marks raged distinctly on her right shoulder. Her lord was tense, but she’d taken care of that, yes she had. She sucked on her swollen bottom lip. Another bite mark appeared there. She walked into a large closet; her lord must’ve been rich. She found a robe there. She threw it over herself and tied the middle. She relished the feel of the silky fabric against her skin. Suddenly, his knight evaporated into something more.

Andrea Janks looked down. Pain ached in all places of her body. She wore a silk robe and a multitude of injuries. ‘What the Hell is this?’ Her thoughts were borderline panicked. Someone’s warm arm snaked around her waist. Her breathing rate skyrocketed.

“Good, you’re awake. I trust I’m not speaking to my loyal knight?” The male’s voice was hoarse in her ear, merely a whisper. It sent a shiver down her entire frame. She didn’t know who he was or how he knew about her… condition, but either way, she sort of liked him.

“W-Who are you?” Andrea asked, making her voice as level as she could. A cold, thin line pressed against her neck. A knife, and it was biting into her skin.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, Miss Janks, what matters is you’re just as useful to me as my knight. You’ll cooperate, of course.” The knife dug in just a bit more. She felt a trail of warm blood slip down her throat. Her finger twitched.

“If you’ll stop threatening me, I’m sure I’d be more than willing.” She gasped out, not moving too much, for each word drove the blade in deeper. The pain ceased and the knife’s presence was gone. She was roughly spun around and she faced her attacker.

He had a handsome face, it was well tanned. He wore no shirt. Identical markings scratched up his body like hers. She felt something might’ve happened with her to compromise her character. Again. He held the knife in his hand casually and yet experienced. He frightened Andrea immediately. She knew, in her heart, he was a murderer, most likely one of cold-blood. His smooth, even laughter interrupted her thoughts.

“Are you frightened, Janks?” His hand cupped her face, “How strange that someone so… human would share my knight’s face.” His hand dropped and he cleared his throat, “At any rate, I’ve read in your file that you’re quite the scientist. Your dementia was not the only reason I chose you.”

“And what, pray tell, have you chosen me for?” She crossed her arms over her breasts. The top was coming loose, how embarrassing. He chuckled again and turned away from her and walked out of the large walk-in closet. Andrea followed him.

“Well, Andrea Janks, you’ve been chosen to exact revenge on this city, which has done us cruel wrongs, and shaped us into crueler people. This city, this city of Gant, will pay for what it’s done to me, and, my dear, what it’s done to you.” He stopped in the kitchen and leaned against the counter.

Anger boiled inside her. Gant had indeed spited her into a Hell of doctors and psychological treatment. She hadn’t had a trail, a chance to explain. They tossed her away. Revenge against the city? A perfect endeavor in the eyes of one Andrea Janks.

“Your answer, Janks…?” He tapped his knife against the marble countertop.

“I will do as you ask.” She said after a brief pause. Her crossed arms dropped to her sides, “After all, she trusts you. She must’ve sensed your bloodlust, however you met.”

“Are you referring to your other personality? We met on the T.V., five years ago, come to think of it, that’s when I first saw you, too.” He smiled, but it was by no means warm. Something in his eyes or other features prevented that genuine look of care. He reached for a hat that hung on the top of a chair and placed it on his head. The shadow of the brim cast an evil look upon him. Andrea swallowed meekly. Power leaked from his frame. He was truly, whoever he was, a force to be reckoned with. She was glad that she was on his side.

“For my crime, I assume?” Andrea tried her best to return his smile, but her face felt phony just trying. He nodded. He pushed his hat up.

“Well, no offense to you, Janks, but I’d rather be in the company of my knight.” He grinned maliciously and gestured to the injuries. He pulled at the edges of her robe. Andrea smacked him on instinct.

“I—uh, I think that sort of thing is better suited for her.” Andrea took a large step back. She was far more stable than her other half.

“Then bring her back.” He said, tapping his knife once again against the countertop. Andrea gulped and took a deep breath. She concentrated and felt herself fading. Her being was filled his rage and hate. Her thoughts disorganized and twisted. Andrea Janks was once again lost to the likes of the Gray Knight.

“My lord” His knight breathed out. She stalked toward him, “I can’t seem to recall what I was just doing. I was in the closet, by myself.”

“Do not worry, my knight, I just had a chat with Andrea Janks. She’s going to help us burn this city.” He put the knife away and removed his hat. His knight made a face.

“Hopefully she won’t be so stuffy, my lord” She picked up his hat, and placed it on her head.

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