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Re: a boy named 'Adolf Hitler'

Originally Posted by uchiha-anwar View Post
Then you didn't understand any shit from what i said..

I didn't said that he should be respected for being a criminal nor for how much good or bad his achievement ...i said he should be respected as a real special man..cuz he reached the imposible..he was in the lowest layer of society and jumped to the highest one using only his plans and hard work..after that he was able to take over all of europe and like half of asia on his own..we thank god that he went mad at last and failed otherwise we will be singing the german anthem infront of the nazi flag.

In brief..he was a bad guy and he got what he deserve..but if he was a man that made a twist in the world and made it something else than it was before him (take USA as an example) thats why he entered the history cuz he was considered a genius..criminal..but a genius..and i admire men like him.
When I think of Hitler as a man, completely ignoring the genocide of millions for no good reason, and look only at his accomplishments, I don't see where he got; I see where it left him. If I recall correctly, he got his ass whipped by the Allies so bad that he resorted to suicide because he knew they'd fuck him up even more if he didn't.
I have zero respect for anyone who commits suicide. It's the pussy's way out, the least honorable death one can possibly die. The only thing he accomplished was giving the Germans what they wanted to hear just when they wanted to hear it most. He had great plans, yes, but they all fell to nought.
By your logic, if Bush (or Obama in a while, or any president) declared nuclear war on the entire continent of Europe and wiped it out in one go, he'd be worthy of respect just for doing that.

Also, for the record, I never contested the fact that ShopRite had the right to refuse the guy service. I just disagree with that decision.

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