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Madaras dead, but lives on!

this is not a tobi=obito thread!!!

I believe Madara is dead, but he lives on. Through his eyes and ambitions. I believe Madara didnt die at the hands of Harishima. He survived and started the org. Akatsuki. After forming akatsuki, he attemted to destroy konaha in his late years and thus lost his original body summoning the kyuubi or by dieing at the hands of minato. To continue his legacy, his eyes were passed on to another to keep akatsuki from falling apart. Tobi as he is now called. Runs the akatsuki from the shadows because he does not have the power to lead as the original did, "thats why pain take on the role". Why?

Because I believe madaras replacement is not an uchiha. He does not have the power to use Madaras eyes like an uchiha could. "stamina due to kekei genkai". Have you ever seen tobis regular left eye? I havent. They are stuck in SG form just kie kakashis. I believe he only shows his left eye to save chakra because, hes not an uchiha. Thats also the reason he does not fight. Tobi uses madaras eyes only for defense to conserve chakra.

I believe Tobi tried to pass his eyes down to itachi. Itachi said he was his teacher, but he was shell of his former self, "not an uchiha". after failing to use itachi, tobi now has his eyes set on sasuke. Because it is only through a powerful uchiha that madaras eyes will used properly.

Tobi is searching for a replacement to lead the akatsuki and fufill madaras goals!

something else i wanted to add. Here is the current Tobi notice the differance in hair. This tobi "spiky"

Heres the tobi that taut itachi, helped him kill the uchiha and recruited him into the Akatsuki. This tobi has kinky hair more like danzous.

Simple answer to a usual question:Lets say Madaras eyes are so powerful they shorten the life span of the person using them, if there not uchiha. thats why there has been one or two tobis since madaras death.

Something else I wanted to add. Another good reason I think tobi is not madara is because of tobis attitiude. He does nto act like an 100 year old uchiha whos been wronged. Hell, tobis goofy! Tobi seems passive agressive. this is because madaras memories are transfered along with his EMS. Thats how someone whos not madara can act like a goofy foel, but still have madaras ambitions. Madara can change bodies, eyes, but his personality in my oppinion cant be changed so easily.

It just came to me. The connection between akatsuki and danzou: Danzou after putting his name in to become hokage was denied for sarutobi "not a senju". Danzou a sinju felt betrayed. How could his clan pick someone from another to lead. Just like madara who was betrayed by his clan "they sided with the senju and not madara". So, lets say zetsu "or an unrevealed AKA member" stepped up and offered danzou the leaf village for his co-op. Thus if not being tobi, being involved.

What do you all think?

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