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Toad Sage Naruto: Konoha's Orange Flash FC

Toad Sage Naruto: Konoha's Orange Flash FC

Naruto Uzumaki, Son of the legendary Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze. Naruto if the Jinchurikki host of the Nine Tailed Fox Spirit, which gives him unperdictable power. Once known as Konoha's Knuckle Headed Ninja, Naruto appears in the mist of battle, a Toad Sage and...
Konoha's Orange Flash!
Anyone can join this FC, just say you want to join and I'll have you on the list. Please remember this is a FC dedicated to Naruto Uzumaki, so keep the put downs about him to a minimum. Here just talk about the character himself, and your perdictions. Please do not post, if you are not a member, unless you are asking to join. Stay on topic, be a fair sport, and please dont argue. Most Importantly respect everyone's opinion. Forst 5 members are honorary.

Cheanster - Founder/Owner
1. Narutologist - Honorary
2. bluuuman - Honorary
3. narutojm - Honorary
4. central123 - Honorary
5. birudaisiaki - Honorary
6. sasuke is awesome
7. migigawe
8. shukla
9. Uchiha_Madara
10. Viczor6
12.Sage Toad
14.hurricane chronicles
15. Itachijm
16. rasengan fox
17. NinjaSqurriel
18. What?
19. nikkie19
20. Pervy Sage
(Members 21)

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