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Hello & Goodbye New to the forums? Introduce yourself! or if your leaving us for a while you can let us know.

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Hey, my name's not really Migagawe....lol...I just like name games. Neways, I really am happy to be meeting people, getting introduced with them through negative ways like argument or positive ways, politely replying, I like it. Hope I have fun with you guys and also can someone link me to a thread or a page where we can make predictions and share theories? Thanks! Hope to meet more peepz!
The Answer
Signs are fulfilled of the second coming of God
-Matthew 24:2,16 : Happened 70 A.D.
-Matthew 24:21: Happened Dark ages
-Matthew 24:29: Happened May 19, 1780
-Joel 2:31: May 19, 1780
-Matthew 24:29: Happened November,1833
Matthew 24:30: Last thing to happen

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Re: Hey

welcome to the forum!!!
No, i didnt make tht picture, nor am i dumb enough to claim i did it can from

If you are one of the 100% of people who hate Naruto Fillers. Put this in your tag
99.99 percent of the time fillers
1) make no sense
2) contridict the canon material
3) make my head hurt


(ps if u r goin to add me plz tell me u added me through the forum)
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