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Wink naruto's speed & hearing power

i want to tell wht i've noticed about naruto speed.

By seeing these two pages

Have u noticed that there is only small place between tsunade and hell realm? And again have u also noticed the part of pain where Naruto hit? That means Naruto came from above. He didn't run but jumped from very far away. The gap between tsunade and he is more far than between tsunade and pain. Hell realm used some kind of repulsive force like jet engine from his boots. He were incredibly fast for sure but not catch up with the speed of Naruto. there is more strange thing about Naruto than his speed. Tsunade shout Pain. Her voice were surely loud. But Pain talks Tsunade with normal sound that should only be heard by Tsunade and ones around her. But Naruto heard all the conversations from very far distance. What an another great thing about Naruto Sage Mode!

But there are other ways to think about Naruto's speed.
1. One of the Toads might throw Naruto to reach between Tsunade and Hell realm.
2. Naruto didn't use speed technique. He might use higher technique of Sage Mode like space skipping technique (as teleport). He might be the one who used space (also a nature thing of surrounding him) as an element (like wind, fire, etc). If then, we could see very strange new Sage Jutsu(s)

Please leave ur posts on this thread and also on
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