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Post HinataXNarutos Child or SakuraXNarutos Child....

who would you have more?

First of all we don't know if Naruto does or does not have a blood line limits. It would be crazy to assume he doesn't have one since we know nothing about his heritage except his father created someone of the powerfulest jutsu in NARUTO universe. So he may, Naruto, have something that he has yet to realise. Although i am guessing Naruto is a Senju, so his rivalry with Sas-gay would continue plot wise.

Would i go for the blood limit because of hard work ethic of Naruto instead of him being a Senju? Yes because people has to understand blood limit does not by any means make you stronger than everyone else. A person like J-man could cook the likes of Itachi or Pain (as both indicated they could have been killed by the one and only). Naruto could have a simple one, not like anyother we have seen. Like not powerful or nor is it useless.

Now back on track:

HinataXNarutos Child-
From Hinata would their child would inherit the Byakugan. Which would mean the child would learn Gentle Fist that is said to be the most powerful Taijutsu. Also their child would be able to see chakra points and have those crazy defensive moves and who knows what else.
From Naruto, the abilities to use Ninjutsu (wind), Senjutsu (if trained), the infamous Rasengan etc. Also very high chakra and also if there is any blood line trait.

The personailities would be:caring, determined and loving. Naruto and Hinata shares these qualities. They are complementary in many ways.

So a all round fighter for HinataXNarutos Child, except Genjutsu. I would guess that child would be seriously powerful since that child would be close range expert like no other. Weakness is again long range. But a super S class Ninja that would be totally deadly said best since when you combine Senjuts and Gental fist, you get one hit KO or instant death.

Sakura, strong chakra control abilites and protection against Genjutsu (slightly). Medical jutsu and brutal strength. Nothing more.
From Naruto, the abilities to use Ninjutsu (wind), Senjutsu (if trained), the infamous Rasengan etc. Also very high chakra and also if there is any blood line trait.

The personailities would be:Bad temper (anger), air headed and annoyance, but could be loyal (from Naruto), and understanding (from Sakura). Naruto and Sakura shares these qualities and they are some ways the same.

So again a close ranged fighter but more physical and no Genjutsu abilities. I would guess that child would be powerful but not so as HinataXNarutos Child.

Ideally who would you people want or how would the child look like? I on the other hand want a Genjutsu and Long ranged ability Girl and Naruto. Therefore it would be totally balanced out.

Anyways it would nice to see what people say.
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