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Proof that "Love" does not exist

I debated quite a bit in the "proof that god does not exist thread" I got tired it will be a never ending arguement from unintelligent people. So I decided to make this thread to see the opinions of others on this matter, but also to debate the opinions and factual evidence.

I myself believe that Love does not exist and is made up. For me, having sex with my girlfriend is great, but having sex with another girl is the same thing, nothing different.

If "love" did exist there wouldn't be cheating. People would talk and work things out. "love is about compromise, which rarely ever happens in relationships. A relationship is mainly a physical attraction and Nothing More.

To argue this that last statement I made. My girlfriend is hot yes, but if another girl came to me and put herself out, and is hot, you know damn well ima be with her in a second. lol. "love" as they say exists cannot be controlled. Hence why Affairs, cheating and etc happens. People try to believe it and when they get cheated on etc, become heart broken. They are heart broken becuase they believe it is true, that love exists when it does not.

Another example, (No offense meant) Do Men who are with ugly fat girls really love them or are they just there for the sex? Answer is sex.
I believe that a fat girl ugly or not should not be accepted, into anything especially sororites. If you are ugly and fat but intelligent why are you not doing something about your appearence when you know thats how the world runs.The most Retarded unintelligent sexy girl, will always be hired over the Most intelligent ugly girl. Its a proven Fact.

These are a few reasons as to why "love" does not exist. I will find factual evidence shortly, but please state your opinions and evidence if you have any. Im at work so ill be posting here and there.

oh to cover the ugly fat girl issue of doing something about it. If you smart, Then why arent you wokring out or something like me, When I once weighed 140 Im 6foot 2 inche. Now I gained 40 from this gay desk job. I started to run 2 miles after work etc. To get rid of the fat. Now Im good again, how hard is tht?

dont give me no scientific I was born with so and so. Many people make it thru the world who have way worse problems that some eating disorder. Its all mind over matter. Just like how I used to smoke cigarettes, then upgraded to clover cigarettes, then i decided hey this isnt for me and quit. Does that mean Im lucky that I can do that? No, it means I had a strong will to do so.

In fact Many people with Brain Injuries, from accidents or born wioth them, are very successful over normal Everyday People with barely any problems. now why would that be? thats for you to decide

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