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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

I'll just throw another intresting idea in here:

1. Naruto can't be Hookage now, he has stuff to do outside the village.
2. What if Narutos goals change? Hookage? what about Guide/leader to the whole world. Think about it. He is going to change the Shinobi world, not rule Konoha. I don't think world domination is his thing but to guide the other Hookages? Somehow I would like him to be a wanderer like Jirayaa was, it suits him more to go around helping people instead of being bound down by a countiys politiks.

One of the big things in this Arc is that Naruto get's to see the 'outside' world and grow up and in that come to a serious life goal based on reality and not the protected world he has been taught to see through Konoha. He gets to see the wrongs even Konoha has committed.
What will his anwser be? Not: I am going to be Hookage of Konoha! His goals must be bigger than that for him to realize the expectations set upon him.

I'm going to be Hookage is in a form an admirable Goal but it is also something that in a sence was a childish goal as he spirted it left and right without thinking to much about it. Now, he has of course put more meaning in these words as he has grown but at some point he might outgrow them to. Responsobility might make him take another path.

Now, all that said. He might still be Hookage first.

Game over naruto!
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