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Re: Naruto vs Pain aftermatch predictions and Ideas

Chouji: If you stay here, Akatsuki will send other ninja to try and capture you. Don't put us in the line of fire with you anymore.

Naruto looks around, he sees that the people present in the room share the same feelings as Chouji.

Naruto:.... excuse me.

He begins to leave. Shouts of anger once again echo through the air. A smile colors danzou's face.

Danzou: ( Thinking ) One obstacle down, one to go.

Tsunade and the others stare in disbelief, why was this happening ?

Naruto was already out of the building, Sakura ran after him.
As she caught up with Naruto she puts her hand on his shoulders.

Sakura: Naruto where are goi-

He slaps her arm away.

Sakura takes a step back. Naruto looks at her through the corner of his eye.

Naruto: I need to be alone.

He keeps walking away.

Sakura is left scared, holding he place where Naruto's hand hit her arm.

Sakura: Naruto...

* a few hours pass *

Its morning. Things seem to have calmed down a bit from the commotion the night before. What happened the previous night between Danzou, Tsunade and Naruto spread like wild fire around the tents and Builds.
The seeds of doubt had already began to sprout.

Sakura is sitting next to Hinata' bed as she watches her eat.Only a few people are in the room with them, other were out and about.Her mind elapses to the when she was healing Hinata." Hinata must really love Naruto" was the thought that passes through her mind. She waited until Hinata was done with her meal.

Hinata sets the plate down.

Hinata: That was great, thank you for bring it to me.

Sakura: Happy to do it. How are you feeling.

Hinata: Much better thanks to you.

Sakura responds with a warm smile.

Hinata: Have you seen Naruto-kun ??

Sakura: Not today, no.

Hinata looks a little disapointed.

Sakura: He came here to see you last night

Sakura says stumbling on her own words.

Sakura: But you were asleep and he didn't want to bother you.

Hinata's face suddenly lit up upon hearing that.The fact was no one had seen Naruto since last night.

Sakura: ( Thinking ) Hinata has not heard about what happened. I think its best not to say anything.

Sakura leaves the medical relief building, outside she sees Kiba and Lee along with Tsunade.She makes her way to them.

Sakura: any luck ??

Kiba: I couldn't find Naruto anywhere.

Lee: Same here.

Tsunade: Damn it. The ninja we have stationed at the gates said they didn't see anyone leave or enter last night, he has to be here. He must be hidding.

Kiba: Where ?? there is no where to hide aside from these buildings. I couldn't pick any scents either.

Tsunade: Tell the nin at the gate to be on alert. after what happened last night there is a very good chance he'll try to leave.

Sakura's hand once again grips the spot Naruto hit her. She had never seen him like that before.

Sakura: ( thinking ) Naruto, you can't leave me too. I won't let someone important to me leave on a whim again.

* A few hours pass *

Night falls, the weather cools down quite a bit. Blankets are passed around as some villagers gather around various fires to warm themselves.The buildings were reserved for the wounded and in recuperation only.

Sakura stands near the edge of Hokage mountain overlooking the crater below.Their efforts to find Naruto were not successful. aside from the sounds of iddle chatter coming from the villagers near the buildings, around the fires the night was relatively silent.

Sakura begins to walk to the lower part of the village now in ruins.

At the medical relief building most patients were already asleep. A few med nin were walking around, organizing supplies and looking over charts.

A few were watching over the second floor rooms, making sure everything was ok.

A med nin comes up the stairs from the ground floor. She makes her way to the rooms at the very corner of the building. along the way she passes a few med ninja, with a subtle smile, nod they greet eacho other as they pass by.

She stops in front of a room. Another med nin is standing by the door.

Female Med nin: Pretty quiet tonight.

Random med nin: Yeah, after they're fed they drop like rocks.

The female med nin smiles.

Female Med nin: I need to go inside for a minute.

Random Med nin: What for ?

Female med nin: Just need to update this patient's chart.

She hands him the outdated chart she brought along with her.

Random med nin: Hyuga Hinata, ok. Shes in here go right ahead.
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