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The Battle So Far ... Missing Bankai (Chapter 358 and beyond)

Hello, I am new to the forums, but I have been a longtime watcher and fan of both the Bleach manga and the anime.

As my first thread, I was wanting to know some member's thoughts on the battle with the Espada so far, but more importantly try and see what cards each side still have up their sleeves. The lists of who has still yet to show us their true powers are down below.

Captains that have yet to release their Bankai are:

Soi Fon
Kyouraku Shunsui
Ukitake Juushiro

People on the Side Line at Captain Level, yet to release Bankai

Yoruichi Shihouin
Kisuke Urahara
Kurosaki Isshin (speculated, and all but confirmed exactly at captain level)
Shinji Hirako (Vizard, former Captain of Squad 5)
Love Aikawa (Vizard, former Captain of Squad 7)
Kensei Muguruma (Vizard, former Captain of Squad 9)

Aizen's Invasion Force:

Sousuke Aizen
Gin Ichimaru
Stark (Espada #1, yet to release his Zanpakuto)

Those left in HM:
Retsu Unohana

When you look at the number alone, you see that Aizen's Invasion force is looking like it is out gunned. With Espada falling to the Shingami one after another, statistically this battle looks like it is going to be in the favor of Soul Society. The Espada are doing damage, but so far no Shingami casualties. With all the older, seemingly more power Captains yet to release Bankai, how is Aizen so confident in his victory? Does he know of the Vizard? Is his Bankai, that powerful? Does he have reinforcements on the way?

Questions, Comments, Concerns Please.

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