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Re: Death God vs Kuchiyose gedo mazo

Against a tailed beast minato fought kyuubi and sealed him up, the Gedo Mazo cannot do that as far as we know it can only extract the chakra off a jinchuriki, it cannot actually seal a whole demon. that being said the gedo mazo holds just chakra so if it escapes there's no demon coming back if kyuubi escapes he's back...

While Death god kills you, gedo mazo mutilates you u can't do anything in ur state which means ur pretty much dead as well unless u live off 6 other bodies..

In terms of what it has done Death god > gedo mazo... pain's most powerful attack the chibaku tensei couldn't seal kyuubi death god did... nd minato put the seal on naruto 2wice.

U also can't comapre the 2 because 1 is actually made a by a genius shinobi who's unsurpassed who did it with his skill, gedo mazo is a kekke genkai ability.

Veng: u can't compare sarutobi to minato for 2 reasons minato made the jutsu so he knows a lot more about it proof can be seen when he sealed a part of himself in naruto.. sarutobi could not do that, he also split the kyuubi chakra in half sarutobi didn't do that, and sarutobi had a sword in his chest and was already old it was hard for him because of that mainly... Minato was younger then kakashi and knew the jutsu inside nd out..

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