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This is all turning out to be true... [SPOILERS WARNING]

I'm fucking bored, so he's something to's really old, but it's all turning out to follow the manga, so here's my updated version of it...

1. Akatsuki Leader's strength can't be matched even with 3 Sannins of the leaf.
-> Confirmed, none of the sannin can be matched with either Pain or Madara. Whoever the leader he was taking about is.

2. There is another character in Akatsuki, and unexpected member will bring a chaos
-> Uchiha Madara...

3. One of the Akatsuki's member becomes friend/ally with Naruto

-> Pain & Konan? is yes it could be the confirmation, also Itachi seemed to become ally with Naruto before he died.

4. Naruto's seal will be released by the end of 08, or beginning of the 09. At least 4 tails will be released, be prepared it could
be shocking scene

-> Confirmed, in Naruto's fight VS pain, he released 9 tails.

5. Toad dies(he laughs)
-> Confirmed, Danzo killed it. Or he could have been talking about Jiraiya? could be, but who cares, both died anyways...

6. three of Naruto's important people will die or get seriously injured
-> Well, Jiraiya is dead, Tsunade is seriously injured, the third could be the death of Kakashi, if not, somebody else will die...Maybe Hinata? lolololololol, NaruSaku 100% proved.

7. Sasuke's skills cannot be matched against Naruto's new skills.
-> Confirmed, new skills = after Same Mode training.

8. Sasuke v. Itachi is great scale, and later Naruto's information about family and bloodline will show up
-> Confirmed, gread fight indeed...Naruto's family & bloodline = 4th (Minato) and Kushina Uzumaki.

9. Sai, he will cause something huge(laughs)
-> Interesting, if he laughs, that means it's funny (duh), so it's 100% confirmed that he caused a fight between Sakura and Hinata over Naruto!! lol, maybe he'll cause Konoha to split in two by betraying Danzo and sticking to naruto's side...Naruto + Jounins VS Danzo + ROOT!! fuck yeah!

10. 4th's secret and bloodline will be shown
-> No 4th secrets shown yet, or is he talking about when the 4th talked about the Kyuubi attack and Madara to Naruto?

11. 2 huge characters of Konoha will die.
-> Jiraiya...and...hmmm...Kakashi? he did (and it seems like it) Tsunade will die...

12. There is a female member in Akatsuki
-> Konan?

13. Akatsuki will invade Konoha with its mysterious beasts, and Shiranui Genma will provide great help to Konoha
-> WTF?

Followings are the Kishi's words @ 2008 Jump Festa

1. Uchiha's secret will be revealed and 2 of the remaining will die
-> Secrets revealed, Itachi died, and Madara will certaily die, he's the the math...Or is he talking about another uchiha he didn't reveal yet? lolololololol

2. Akatsuki's leader kills 6 people
-> Confirmed, he killed 6 people to get their bodies...or is he talking about the people he killed in konoha? I didn't count but it seemed more than 6...maybe 6 of the important ones? Kakashi and some others did die, but I'm not sure if they were 6...

3. Sasuke and Itachi's fight will cause chaos; Uchiha, Uchiha Madara's secrets are revealed and all the skills of the MS will be revealed. The fight will end with death of one.
-> It caused chaos indeed...Madara's secrets are reveales, except 2, his jutsu he uses to teletransport and the moon of the eye plan...Itachi died in that fight...

4. Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi's team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi's team.
Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the "beasts". Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto's team.

-> Confirmed...naruto fought pain in a legendary fight, kakashi and others died, but they are alive now lol...Turnaround? I think it is the fact that Tobi is Madara, and he's the true leader, that was a big turnaround....

5. three new members will join the Akatsuki. They will be stronger than Deidara, Hidan, and Kakuzu. One of them is the brother/sister of the Hokage
-> WTF?? lol, three? but 4 joined brother/sister of the hokage? which hokage?

6. Naruto's new skills and the result of the training will reveal when he fight against Pain.
He have learned all of the Jiraiya's jutsu during the 3 years of the time and he became
much stronger. He did not learn the "toad mode or w.e u call it". Naruto also learned
3 of the 4th's jutsus.

-> Confirmed the first part, but all of jiraiya's jutsus? not all of them but the massive rasengan, sage/hermit mode, etc have been learned...3 of the 4th jutsus? WTF?? well this is old so kishi might have changed his mind, or he's still to learn it...

7. After all these fights, there will be a great war
-> Hell yeah! it seems the set up for this is already on it's way!

8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.
-> not yet confirmed...Sasuke unable to fight? could it could simple be Naruto refusing to fight...hope not, cuz it it is I'll stop reading immediately...

9. Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki's members and invades Konoha
by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight.

-> Confirmed, it's Bee...But he didn't Kill an akatsuki nor did he invade konoha yet...could this be true? It seems like it, Kisame is on his way to capture him, but bee seems to be more powerfu, so the Akatsuki that dies could be Kisame, as for the invasion, It could be the way Raikage will get to know bee is alive...but maybe it will be too late, so Bee's invasion + raikage's acts + Samui's team acts against naruto couls be the reason of the war, it all this is true of course, but a lot of this have already been confirmed, so it seems to be true, but there's always the chance Kishi might change his mind...

so, if all this already came true, could the rest be true as well? there's an enormous chance it is...


Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Kisame will pwn KB.
Sasuke will pwn Raikage/the battle gets stopped before it's finished.

Someone sig this. I want to make someone faceplant onto my claim once it's reality.

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