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The Marijuana Subject

What a touchy subject for some...... retards in my opinion.

first off.. how many people actually know why it is illegal? the basis for why its illegal are the following: racism, corporate development, false propaganda and greed.

Corporate development was the one that got the illegalization movement started:

Marijuana has many other uses other than smoking it to get a "high". It can be used medicinally, by smoking it to treat optical conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. It also helped to alleviate physical pain symptoms. This was bad for major pharmacutical companies. because marijuana was much cheaper to grow and obtain, and can be grown at home. It was much more expensive to generate chemically enduced medicines for pharmecutical companies, and they were losing money from the use of marijuana. the major pharmecutical companies were major funders to government officials campaigns and said they would stop funding of the problem wasnt solved, i.e. illegalize marinjuana. Other than smoking it, the hemp plant which is the actual plant itself not the buds that grow on it, can be used to make fabrics and paper. it was much cheaper to make fabric and paper out of the hemp plant than from the standard way, which was trees and cottons. major clothing companies were losing money this way and the same thing occurred. they told government officials they would stop funding campaigns if the problem wasn't taken care of. A man by the name of William Randolph Hearst, owned the worlds most successful newspaper company. he was one of the richest men in the world. Being able to make cheap paper out of the hemp plant was aiding the competition and hurting him, since it was easy to obtain and could be grown in large quantities. So again, he told government officials he would stop funding campaigns if the problem wasn't taken care of. in his newspaper he slandered marijuana, telling loads of false propaganda. another man by the name of Harry J. Anslinger, was a strong opposer of marijuana so that it would boost his career. the bureau of narcotics opened up and he saw this as a great job opportunity, since this bureau could identify both the problem and the solution. in 1914 the harrison act was passed which passed a tax on opiates and cocaine, so Anslinger knew he couldn't used these alone to build up this bureau. As a result he latched onto marijuana as his scapegoat. he teamed up with Wlliam Randolph hearst in an attempt to illegalize it.

these were the basis they used to make it illegal

lets start with racism shall we.

marijuana was first illegalized in the early 1900's around 1910. The race relations back then were in a terrible condition, specifically between whites against blacks and mexicans. Government officials slandered marijuana because mexicans would bring some from mexico and sell it around as well as smoke it themselves. So they would say that smoking weed makes people commit various crimes such as theft and abuse. They would say that when blacks smoked marijuana they would look at white people more than they should, and especially the women. That blacks would step on white peoples shadows, which was apparently a sign of disrespect, and that smoking the herb also made them commit crimes.

now false propaganda:

Government officials looked into the history of marijuana and twisted it. early uses of marijuana were used by assassins. As they were called back then, ashashins. they smoked an herb which they called hashish, or hash, (marijuana) which helped calm them down, collect their thoughts, and perform the kill with higher efficiency. government officials twisted this and said that when assassins smoked marijuana it made them bloodthirsty and kill everyone in sight. there was one case took under consideration saying that marijuana made a man kill his siblings and his parents. the more they used this story in their campaigns against marijuana the more it changed. the original story was that a 20 year old man killed his siblings or parents (sorry cant remember which). then the story changed to a 18 year old kid who killed his family. and eventually it turned into a 16 year old kid who massacred his family.

It is known that marijuana causes no such symptoms. It does not cause extreme rage and violence. It's effects in fact have a positive effect, via medically, use of cheap fabrics and paper, also rope. George Washington, a great man and our first president, had farms of marijuana. he in fact made it against the law for farmers to NOT grow marijuana for a span of ten years. apparently there was a shortage. various early presidents grew and smoked marijuana.... and they ran the damn country. Marijuana does not cause cancer. it lacks the chemical potency to do so ( unlike cigarettes). But any kind of smoke will harm the lungs. it does not kill brain cells as advertised, but rather stimulates them, allowing you to focus more.

illegal drugs such as extacy, acid, cocaine, crystal meth, all of these drugs only stay in your system for about a week, but marijuana stays in your system for a month. so people lose their jobs over this dumb bullshit. employees could be harcore druggies but since the truly harmful drugs are out of your system in a week or a couple days ( sometimes even a few hours), they dont catch them for it. they catch them for using marijuana, a virtually harmless herb. which is bullshit, because i can go to work an hour after smoking a joint and work better than most workers. but some under the influence of cocaine or extacy the day before can go to work strung out and be less productive. but when the drug test comes in they're gonna fire me instead of him, because theres no trace of the drug in the other persons system, but theres a trace of marijuana in my system.

Marijuana is not even a drug. A drug is a chemically combined and altered substance. Marijuana is an herb that grows naturally, so would not fall in this category. Despite the efforts to claim it as such for the reasons posted above. Yet we have all of these over the counter and prescription drugs that are legal and can be obtained like nothing. A small amount over the recommended dosage IS FATAL. these are things bought at your local grocery store, and obtained at your doctors office with the greatest of ease, and they kill you!!! Cigarettes are filled with over 30 different chemicals including nicotine which is highly addictive. Cigarettes cause incurable diseases and KILL MILLIONS PER YEAR!!!! Yet cigarettes are legal and can be purchased at the age of 18. Alcohol is legal and can be purchased at age 21. im not sure on the statistics but kill about half the amount that cigarettes do per year. either by liver failure or intoxicated negligence. Marijuana is not addictive, I repeat not addictive. it has been proven that out of a group of people who smoke marijuana for a month straight, over 80% can quit cold turkey.

If marijuana was legal it would help much more then it could possibly hurt. It would create a large amount of jobs. A tax would be placed on it which would vastly boost the economy. it would boost the economy because there are countless people who would buy it. the tax would put a strain on those who buy it illegaly, but it is much more worth it to pay the tax, then to go to jail and pay fines for bogus charges such as possession and under the influence. Millions of dollars could stop being wasted on the war against marijuana, and put to a good use like education funding, etc.

The thing is, Marijuana isn't bad. If you just smoke a joint when you get off work it can help relax your body and relieve our many stresses of the day. it can help you sleep much more peacefully, waking up the next day brand new. enjoy our meals more and just enhance the quality of which we enjoy things. there are those dumbasses who cant control themselves and smoke their brains out, causing them to interpretate(?) things in immature ways and act borderline dumbass. All because they think its cool to just smoke as much as you can and get as high as you can. when in truth you can smoke a joint or a few bowls and be able to function like a "normal" member of society. No matter how much or how often you smoke all it takes is a few bowls or a couple joints to reach that point of satisfaction. For me, i think about all aspects of life and everyday situations more logically and rationally under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana is not for everybody, and im not saying that everybody should smoke it. Its just not for some people, like how some people can't handle their liquor or how some people get sick from certain foods. If you can smoke it and truly enjoy yourself and have a higher quality of life, why aren't we able to. we should be able to smoke ganja within the comfort of our homes without worrying about getting fired from our jobs or a police visit. thats where the paranoia comes from, getting caught by the law or some one BECAUSE its illegal.

these are just my thoughts and i had to get them out of my head. if you cared enough to read this, i would appreciate and would enjoy to hear your thoughts.

wether they be positive or negative i would still like to hear them. everything in this post that refers to government officials can be researched and proven if you care to do so. this was all from wut i committed to memory.
"We define reality as what we accept as truth and correct. What is truth, what is it to be correct."- Itachi Uchiha
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