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Future powers for naruto? What do you Think?

1. Has Naruto inherited the rinnegan. The sage of 6 paths supposedly "entrusted" his abilities to two boys. I believe Pain would have entrusted the power likewise before he died. "I will believe in you too".
2. What was it that Itachi "gave" to Naruto? I believe it was the one thing naruto really, really needed...the ability to defend against sharingan/genjutsu or at least the ameratsu.
3. Full Control over the 9-tails beast!?! Why not? All Naruto has to do is meet killerbee and catch a clue.
4. What else to give the man who has everything? How about a gift from daddy. Sasuke is so fast it's almost like he teleports, Tobi/Madara actually seems to teleport. I think that the "Yellow Flash" is going to make a comeback in Naruto. I think that soon after Naruto told Kakashi that he knew the fourth was his father, that kakashi talked to Naruto about his father, his father's powers (and possibly a clue how to awaken them), and maybe even gave him that special kunia as a keepsake. I figure this skill must require a bloodline trait, or Kakashi would have been doing it long ago.
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