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N.A.R. Tabitha

I typed up my customer stories, but i didn't feel like posting them in the other thread, since i feel mine are better.

this one is sort of funny, but mostly just shocking
No one has beat this story yet
One evening while working at my first HD I was manning the Self Check Out, and my friend, Rissa was on the next till over. It was very quiet; there were no customers at our tills.

I never got this customers name, but I remember him very well.
A tall man with a slight German accent, a blond mushroom cut, who looked maybe in his mid 30s walked up to me at the SCO.

Me: “Hi there, can I help you?”

Customer: Yeah, I’m looking for hammers; can you tell me where I could find them?

(I point about 3 isles to the right) Me: Yes, they are just down that Isle there, about half way down on the right.

He walks down there and comes back soon with a hammer. He runs it through the self check out, pays for it, then approaches me on his way to the exit.

Customer: “Thank you for your help. You’re very cute. You know, I shouldn’t be saying this...”

Now at this point, being the naive person I was I thought he was talking about telling me I was cute, so I said, “Oh, no, it’s ok.”

And before I had finished speaking he continued the sentence I didn’t know he hadn’t finished;
Customer: “...but I want to take you out to the back seat of my car, bend you over and fuck you right now.”

(Very red faced and shocked) me: “Sir I think you need to go home and be by yourself ...”

At this point this man, who was about 6’5”, placed his hand on my right arm and bent over and whispered in my ear (I froze as soon as he touched me, you see, I am 5’2”-5’3”ish, and he was very intimidating)

Customer: “Ok, I’ll go home and cum and think of you and you go home and cum and think of me.”

Then he walked out of the store.

Rissa ran over and asked me if that was my BF, I couldn’t speak but I shook my head. She freaked out and called the manager.

this story is less shocking
The screamer
I was working at returns at the HD I work at now.

A customer, who had taken the electric cart earlier, informing me he’d be back with the bolts he wanted to exchange the old ones for, comes up to me with two different bags with bolts in them, two different receipts, and the new bolts. You could tell by looking at him he wasn’t a happy man.

The transaction is going smoothly until the bolts in the second bag do not match the second receipt.

Me: “sir these bolts aren’t on this receipt, do you have any other receipts with you they might be on?”

Customer: “No. But I bought them here.”

Me: “Ok, do you know if you paid for them with a card? I can look up transactions with credit and debit cards.”

Customer: “No, I bought them with cash.”

Me: “Ok, well I can give you your money back for the ones on the receipt. For the other ones I can give you a store credit, which you can use here anytime like cash and it never expires.”

Customer: “No, I want my cash. I paid for it, I want my money back.”

Me: “I can give you cash for the ones with the receipt, but without a receipt I can only give you a store credit.”

Customer: “No, I want my money! I don’t ever want to come back here again!”

Me: “I’m sorry sir there is no physical way for me to give you cash back for those without a receipt, but I’d be happy to...”

Customer throws his hand in the air: “AURGH!”

He sits there and huffs and bit and then bellows “AURGH!” again.

I refund him his cash for the other ones and say, “Here’s the cash for these bolts...” *give him cash and pull bolts from the first receipt aside, and push the other ones towards him* “But if you don’t want a store credit for these then I can’t take them back.”


The hardware manager, Tom, was the “manager on duty” at the time so I called him and he came down.

I quickly explain the situation to Tom before he reaches the customer.

Tom: “So what the problem sir?”

Customer, “This girl won’t give me my money back!”

Tom: “Do you have your receipt sir?”

Customer: “No.”

Tom: “Then all we can give you is a store credit Sir.”


Tom: “I’m sorry sir, it doesn’t matter, there’s no way in the computer system for us to give you cash without a receipt.”

The customer stands up and stuffs his bolts in his pocket, saying “I’m going to go home and get my receipt so you KNOW I’m not lying!” and storms out the door, with Tom following him trying to tell him not to come back.

An hour later the man returns.

Customer:”Here, this is the receipt.”

I look at it and it is indeed the right receipt.

I begin to ring it up, and get to the total screen. There’s no cash option. In horror I look at the receipt and down at the payment method; store credit.

Me: “Sir, you paid for this with store credit, I can only refund you with a store credit.”

Customer: “No, it was cash, I always pay cash!”

I point out on the receipt where it says store credit, at which point he throws his arms in the air bellowing “AURGH!”

I call the MOD immediately, who happens to be the front end manager... my manger, who is a lady and shorter than I am, very hefty, and stupid as fuck. Damn...

I quickly explain the story of the gentlemen’s previous visit and what was happening now before my manager approaches the customer.

She then lets the customer explain the story.

Of course she reiterates what both Tom and I have already told him.


I tried to explain in too many ways to list that there was no way for me to give him cash when he didn’t pay cash, your refund is always how you paid for the items... My managers babbling didn’t help.

Now he is yelling profanities at the top of his lungs at my manager.

The child with the lady behind him in line looks like he’s going to cry, and so does my manager.

I go around the corner to the service desk, whip out my head cash keys and open one of the Cashiers tills, telling the girl “Spot me.” (as in watch me so I have a witness that knows I didn’t steal anything)

I pull a five out of my pocket and change it for some coins.

I rush back to my poor defeated manager and hand the fellow 2 dollar (the refund amount was $1.34, but I didn’t take the time to get exact change)

Me: “Ok sir, I got it sorted out, here’s your receipt and you refund. You have a good night.”

My manager didn’t catch that and tried to give him back his bolts, saying, “Sir! Don’t forget your bolts.”

At which point I grab her hand and the bolts and smile sweetly at the customer, who had turned around, almost at the door, and had growled "WHAT?!"

Me: “Oh no sir, it’s ok! Thanks for your patience, you have a good night.”

My manager was very confused and I had to explain what I had done three times before she understood that I hadn’t stolen money from the other cashiers till. -_-

I have never seen that man again.

ta da!

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