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DGLG has a spectacular aura aboutDGLG has a spectacular aura aboutDGLG has a spectacular aura aboutDGLG has a spectacular aura about
A fail so big that even Myth fail si nothing compare to this one...the 7th path

Copy pasted from naruto wikia.

The Outer Path (外道, Gedō) is the seventh path of Pain, not included with the main Six Paths of Pain. It has control over Life and Death. When used by the Naraka Path, it's used for interrogation and rejuvenation.

It is used by the Naraka Path for interrogation and is capable of discerning whether an individual is lying or not. When implemented on a target, a serpent-like apparition of their life force energy emerges from their mouth and presented to the figure. The Outer Path then proceeds to pass its judgment on the victim. If they are lying (or refuse to answer the question), their life force energy is consumed and they die. If the target is telling the truth, they don't die, though they're left extremely exhausted. When the Naraka Path uses this technique, the figure possesses the Rinnegan similar to how the Animal Path's summons all possess the Rinnegan. The Outer Path can only be seen by the ones it's being used upon.

For its second ability, the Outer Path can repair the other paths of Pain should they be damaged or killed. When it consumed the remains of the Asura Path, the path emerged from the figure fully restored and was even wearing a new Akatsuki robe (the body had discarded its previous robe). While the Outer Path is being used for this, it seems that others are able to see it, unlike when it is being used for interrogation purpose. However, the only person to actually look at it while it was being used for this purpose was Naruto while in Sage Mode , so it is possible that normal people cannot, even for revival.

Lastly, the Outer Path can be summoned for the Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, where Nagato can release life force energy to people who were recently killed and allow their souls to return to their rejuvenated bodies. This jutsu can only be used by Nagato, the main entity in control of the Six paths. This power is said to transcend even the very concepts of life and death.

Basicly, that jutsu to bring people back to life is another Pain...

Ok, who wrote this, ffs
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