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I do not know enough cuss words to express how i feel about the disrespectful, ignorant man i dealt with while training a cashier (Carly) today.
let's call him CSFF

CSFF: i'd like a refund for this
Carly: do you have your reciept with you?
CSFF: yes
*carly scans reciept and rings merch*
Carly: I just need your debit card for the return
CSFF: "you can't have it"
Carly, "I need the debit card to give you a refund"
CSFF: "i can't give it to you."
Carly, "Well, why not?"
CSFF: It's my wifes card, i don't have it."

CSFF smiles a big arrogant grin

, "Oh, well we can't refund it to a different debit card, but we can do a store credit... right?."
Me, "Yes"
*I step in and void the transaction so she can start again*

CSFF: well my wife bought 30 inch bulbs and i need 42, can't i just exchange it and pay the difference?"
At this point carly doesn't know the answer, so i intervene

Me: We can't actually do that, sir, our system isn't set up that way.
CSFF: I don't care how your system is set up, i want my refund or an exchange, it's not that hard to do.
Me: No sir, you don't understnad, it's physically impossible in the computer for us to put it back on any card but the payment card, or to let your just pay teh different for an exchange for a different item, we can only..."
At this time he interrupts me
CSFF: Didn't you hear me, I don't care about your system. there has to be a way to override, a supervisor must be able to override it.
Me: There is no...
[interrupted again]
CSFF: I want to talk to your supervisor
Me: I'll find one

I walk around the corner and see frank, one of the managers
I explain to him that the man insistes on taking an exchange or a refund on a card that isn't the payment card, and refuses to accept that the computer system is just not built to do that, or accept a store credit.

So frank asks the man what's up
CSFF: They wont give me a refund or exchange my merchandise, i have my reciept.
Frank: all we can do is give you a store credit if you don't have the payment card sir
CSFF: ok, that will work.

At this point my brain just fucking exploded in my head

Carly starts to ring up the return as a "no reciept return" so he can have the store credit that i TRIED to suggest once, and carly had managed to suggest with out being interrupted.

CSFF: See, there was a simple override.
Me: A store credit and a exchange are... [very diffferent]
CSFF: No, that's customer service
Me: A store credit, never mind...
CSFF: Customer service, its' called customer service, some thing this company values...

At this point i totally blocked out what he was saying and directed Carly on how to put through a store credit transaction.

the last thing i remember is Carly telling him to have a great day and him saying
"I will, and i'm sure you'll remember me, probably for a long time, you'll remember me."

all the drive home i wanted to fight someone
i wanted to get in an all out brawl, not specificaly with CSFF, but with anyone who would fight me, anyone at all.

Edit: TL;DR: fucken git of a customer dspoke disrespectfully to a new cashier and my self and no i want to BATTLE!

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