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Naruto wasn't talking about "not being able to beat sasuke"

I re=read the chapter again and re read Pain's fight. When naruto was asked why he couldn't beat a weakened sasuke he said "i couldn't defeat him"... However he didn;t mean literally in a fight Kish did a nice thing here..

Remember when Inocichi said what is there to talk about he killed our ppl and destroyed our village naruto said "so what shall i do?, kill everyone he knows and destroy his village. will that solve things"...

This is what he meant why he can;t beat sasuke because HE CANNOT get through to sasuke like he did with pain. Naruto could have flattened him the past few chapters but in the end that won't be defeating he would just kill him and thats it his way of thinking would remain the same even as he died he'd still have hatred and hate everyone...

Naruto did this with Pain he physically beat him and mentally as well with sasuke as madara said "it won't work" and naruto felt this too when he saw the vision he said we'll die together not together as in double ko.. Together meaning he'll kill sasuke and his view and naruto's own self his character will die with sasuke he would have failed to bring him back..

If he kills sasuke and makes him realize the wrong things and sasuke becomes good again even if he sasuke dies naruto would have not failed because he brought his friend back from the darkness..

Thats why when neji asked "what do you mean" naruto said i'll tell you when the time is right".. what is there to tell if he just said he couldn't beat sasuke back then... It doesn't matter if sasuke fans believe this cause this is the truth and i've seen many pp,l mention this too on another forum which is why i was prompted to re read a few arcs.

I only got this after I read the Pain arc again and im 100% sure thats what it means, though it doesn't matter now since sasuke is stronger now with ems..

Naruto could have killed the weakened sasuke but he wouldn't defeat his way of thinking which is what naruto has been wanting to do since part 1.

But like I said sasuke>naruto right now thanks to ems not confirmed but lol im pretty sure thats how it is.
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