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the inevitable fight! naruto and sasuke vs madara

ok ok ok
i know some of you guys say
tobi isnt the final villain
tobi isnt madara
sasuke will be killed
sasuke cant be redeemed

well fuck you! (no offence lol)

this isnt a topic to do with why tobi is madara or why tobi is the final villain but im gonna give a brief reasoning anyway

BOTH itachi and the 4th left their living legacies power to fight madara!
it all started with madara summoning the friggin kyubii
it was the first thing mentioned in the manga
jiraiya said madara is the only one who can summon kyubii

thats why even though theres many reasons why tobi isnt madara right now i still believe he is, or at least has his spirit or whatever in him

come on, its been building up since forever this fight...the bond between naruto and sasuke will get fixed and they will focus themself on the real enemy that both itachi and the 4th couldnt stop!

so this is discussion of .... HOW will the fight between naruto and sasuke vs madara go down!

heres my prediction, its a long we go!

i reckon madara will have a backup plan to revive juubi when he cant get naruto
or he will somehow get a bit of kyubbis chakra and that will do

he will become whole....
at this time naruto and sasuke fights....naruto shouts down sasukes ear that madara is tearing the world and needs to be stopped

sasuke still stubborn and start rampaging

eventually naruto beats sasuke
naruto says one devastating line and then leaves to fight madara

sasuke lays down reminiscing and going through the words of naruto, itachi ,kakashi etc

naruto meets madara
madara springs millions of ridiculous techs at naruto
naruto gets beaten down
naruto uses billions of bunshin and forces madara to use sharingn haxes

even with sage and kyubii(maybe) and over hax naruto has
naruto is unable to fend of special techs that naruto doesnt have a counter to
sasuke enters...

sasuke summons hawks, naruto summons frogs... madara summons uchihas! (with the hundreds of sharingan)

it ends in a draw

sharingan battle time!
sparks fly sasukes sharingan keeps up a little with madaras ult sharingan hax

madara talks talks and talks whilst they have sharingan fight ..madara talks about uchiha

naruto prepares sage mode whilst this happens (or some ridiculous jutsu)

sasuke uses a jutsu that madara didnt know he had/ some jutsu that has a relation with itachi and brings madara eyes powers down a level

at this point of vulnerability naruto saw chance and starts striking ...naruto uses a jutsu that has a relation with the 4th and wounds madara badly

at this point madara starts using juubi and heals he also transplants rinnengan in himself and becomes ult being
....and tansforms full 10 tails

naruto and sasuke shit themselves
and starts losing

at this point naruto and sasuke loses hope but a wave of ninja that appears throughout the series/ all the nins naruto helps/ nins from other nations
all strike madara

kakashi sakura iruka all tells naruto to not give up
naruto remembers his dad and jiraiya
and fucking f up juubi with sasukes help somehow

final part!
juubi is down
madara wrecked
sasuke wrecked
naruto wrecked

everyone surrounds the giant crater of battle that is between those 3
naruto cant use sage anymore
madara cant use ridiculous hax and juubi anymore
sasuke cant use ems anymore

final talk... madara reveals all secrets
naruto uses ultimate talk no jutsu and shocks madara a little but madara carries on

naruto summons many many clones, sasuke uses chidoris and combo fight madara
madara still has lil tricks with one more hax that almost hits naruto
sasuke intervenes and uses last bit of sharingan power (maybe izanami ) and repels jutsu but loses an eye

naruto pissed off
sasuke down
naruto final fights madara
naruto comes up with a strategy to trap him and charges 1 final rasengan....madara not noticing sasuke coz hes down gets caught off guard as sasuke restricts madaras movements with sum ninja weapons

sasuke chidoris madara from the back as naruto rasengans madara from the fronts!

end of battle!
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