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Re: Hello fellow naruto lovers

Originally Posted by Itachi x Sasuke View Post
So you're saying that Naruto is essentually a watered down yaoi manga, and then in another thread saying that yaoi is predictable and stupid. Yet here you are posting on this forum and debating in the Naruto manga sections. I'm finding it hard to determine if you are either just not very intellegent or ignorent.
You seriously have to learn about sarcasm. If you go to the online webster's dictionary you will find the definition to it and realize that you fail in reading comprehension. I explained in the other thread that Naruto isn't intentionally a yaoi but because the Japanese are more in touch with their feelings then Americans we then perceive it to subliminally a yaoi series. Of course it isn't a yaoi, its a shonen series targeting kids and teens. Jump would never put up anything like that. Seriously if you want yaoi discussions go to a different forum.
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