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Re: It's official Naruto is Senju

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
if this is the cae on which theories are are made then you can only take things that are put into print.. just like any theory about there even being a previous jink before this issue.. what it seems like is you guys want to only give credit to things that are facts with facts.. which would make the inital statement a fact and not a theory..

Before Columbus sailed around the world . people thought the earth was flat.. people saw ships sink in the horizon and fall off. the planet.. but now we know the earth is round hold on there, speedy. That's not even close to true. They knew the Earth was round way before Columbus.

The big bang is still a theory.. so is alternate dimensions and the super string theory.. but without evidence anyone would have to say by the standards here that anyone who believes this is a complete fool. except those theories actually have valid evidence. Not enough for definitive proof, but some. You're not giving hardly any, and that which you do give everyone proves wrong, but you just ignore that and keep going.

There is soo many things in the manga that I see that points to Naruto being an senju..

Madara saying the Senju kept power in konoha... and the pic of the hokage mountain As we don't know whether Sarutobi was actually a Senju, though it is slightly implied that he wasn't, this is not valid unless further Manga Facts come to light.

Naruto being minato and kushina's son

him being the son of a hokage
these are completely irrelevant. Unless it's explicitly revealed that either Kushina or Minato was of senju lineage, this is not evidence at all. See what I mean?

him having a large chackra pool like the senju Nagato had a ridiculously huge chakra pool too. But there's no way HE's senju...

him being a citizen of the senju village funny thing, the UCHIHA lived in the "senju village".

him obtaining the sage's body we don't know what in the hell this actually means, if that's what it actually is, then it's evidence, but if not, then it isn't.

and on and on I can go.. but because there isn't any concrete evidence.. then I guess I'll just leave it be but in the event you are right and he isn'ta senju I will come to your inbox and personally as well as publically admit I was wrong
Concrete evidence isn't the ONLY thing that can "support" a theory. Good chains of logic BASED on concrete evidence, that don't stray too far from sensibility can also support a theory.

I put most of my replies in your quote, because I'm feeling lazy.
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