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Lightbulb Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo part 1

Chapter 1
Sasuke’s Returns.

After Madara is dead and all the Akatsuki are dead expect for Kabuto. Sasuke implanted Madara’s eyes into Naruto. Sasuke wearing Itachi’s old shirt that Itachi used to gave Sasuke a piggy back ride back home. Sakura was training with Ino and the other girls. When they noticed Flock of Crows flew by. They just ignore it. When those crows were by the Hospital. Naruto was looked so happy to see those and said, “My mission was a failure.” Naruto started thinking about what Pain said to him. {Flash Back} You can’t understand some one. If you didn’t experience the same thing.” {The end of the Flash Back} Naruto was thinking Madara had all 8 Tailed Beasts. He knew that he’ll have to train them himself. So He’d decide to leave Konoha for good cause he was finished and Sakura didn’t want him around anymore cause she got Sasuke back. He’d lay down the Necklace that Tsunade gave him for winning the bet. He also lay down a letter he wrote on his Hospital bed. That night he disappear from the Hospital.

Next Morning Sakura was worried about Naruto. So she check up on him. He was gone the only things was left was the necklace and a letter. She ran and bumped into Shizune. Shizune asked, “What’s wrong Sakura?” Sakura answered, “Naruto had disappeared! The only things he left behind was these a Necklace and a letter.” Hinata over hear this and started to cried. She’d asked herself why would Naruto-kun leave this village. Sakura and Shizune went to Hogake’s office in a flash. Hinata was following them close behind.

In the Hogake’s Office. Tsunade said, “Come in!” Shizune said, “Sakura went to check on Naruto!” Sakura yelled, “Naruto is gone!” Tsunade asked, “Do you have any prove of this?” Sakura replied, “Yes We do.” That’s when Sakura hold Tsunade’s necklace and the letter. Tsunade shouted, “Sakura round up your age group and Shizune you round up the ninjas that can help her team. I’m making this a code red!” At that moment a crow landed on Tsunade’s desk. Then they all was wondering what does this mean? A knock on the door. Tsunade said, “come in!” Sakura saw a familiar silhouette she could always recognized. The silhouette was Sasuke’s silhouette. Sakura said with a happy voice!, “You are Back Sasuke-kun.” Sasuke replied, “Don’t squeeze so tight Sakura.” Then Sasuke looked around and asked, “Where is the Dead-last scary-cat at?” Sakura replied, “He’d left last night.” Tsunade said, “Before we send out our ninjas to bring back Naruto.” Tsunade asked, “Shizune! What does Naruto’s letter say?” Shizune said, “The letter reads”

Dear Konoha,

I’d saw a signed that Sasuke had returned to Konoha. My promised to Sakura-chan and my promise to myself as well. After I saw that signed. I knew my mission was a failure that’s why I’m giving the Necklace back to Grandma, Tsunade. Tell that scary-cat Sasuke don’t worried about dead-last. Sasuke Accept Sakura feelings so you can revived your clan with her. Also tell Sakura –chan. I’m done interferring in your love. I don’t know anything about her!
I’m going training the new Jinnuurikis cause they need a family. I don’t want anybody to following me. If you do . I hate to say this but I’ll kill you all.
My father the Fourth Hogake, My Master Jiraiya and my fellow pupil Nagato wanted this Ninja System destroyed causes hatred. In my training trying to control Kyuubi. The fox show me how to do that. It’s not Madara’s Moon’s Eye Plan at all.

Signed The Former No.1 Hogake Candidate:
Uzumaki Naruto
Sakura-chan I’m passing my dream of become Hogake to you.
Tell Konohamaru I’m not at the end of any path towards Hogake cause I’d failed to bring Sasuke back.
Shizune said, “That’s the end of the Naruto’s letter!”

After heard this line from the letter: Also tell Sakura –chan. I’m done interferring in your love. I don’t know anything about you! She asked, “How did he knew about that sentence by word? The only one I told that to was Sasuke.” She looked up at Sasuke and asked, “Did you tell him that?” Sasuke had a confused looked on his face and replied, “What are you talking about Sakura? We’d never had that conversation!” When Sakura heard that from Sasuke himself. She’d realized that Sasuke was actually Naruto was in disguise as Sasuke. Sakura shouted, “I was wrong! He’d knew everything about me! ” She’s started to balling like a waterfall. Shizune was trying to comforted Sakura. Sakura cried out, “I’m the one who didn’t know nothing about him but He’d knew everything about me!” Tsunade said, “Go Now! ”
The Bayville Sirens
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