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Re: Official OH manga project thread (Sketches only)

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Hahaha, since I like the elements, I'm going to ignore that you just gave my character abilities similar to that faggy furry fuck. xD

But distributing them out? How does that work? Through technology or what? Also, curious about the limitation of defensive vs offensive use and how that ties into the distribution factor. And I think it'd be better if Kat, Van and OG were at least trained in the other elements. For the purpose of having all sides and situations covered. Or not, up to you.

Is that some Kenshin shit? lol.
I think it'd be cool if 48 was a cyborg ninja lol... get some Star Trek shit up in here too. xD
About the limitations,you're energy is distributed equally on your 4 elements in your defensive mode,meaning that you can't go hardcore with them like flushing oceans on the lands or fliping the earth upside down.

OG,van and kat have there own original style and abilites,When you distribute your elements among the 3 they can only use them with the same level you use them in your defensive mode but they can attack with in a way it just levels up there strength and help them kick more asses than they usually do,In the mean time it gives you the ability to get red of the no-offense cuffs,dedicate all your energy on a single element and go berserk with it.

Oh and there is no technology in transfaring elements,it's one of your abilities and you do it through kissing the meant one with the intent of transfering. but it's only lasts 3 hours then every thing gets back to normal and you can't use that again before the passing of 24 hours counted from the moment you regain your elements.

You are the one who trained Van and Kat to use the elements and sync them with there abilities in the best way,OG is more l33t so she worked it out on her own..wind works perfectly with her aikido since shes an aikido master.

and yes that's from kenshin,but the hiten mitsurugi ryu is not kenshin's exclusive..its a style inherited by generations. Even Theresa from claymore use that style so i made 48 yet another user of that style since it's fucking epic.

and making someone a cyborg other than FG oppose with my idea of making the majority of OH members as normal people,but i'll consider giving him that upgrade later on if you want to see him in cyber mode. =)

and sorry for the delay of response,I slept right after my last replay to you since it was 10:00 am already and i haven't slept since the night before.
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