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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Sasuto Haruno doushinji

Chapter 1
Sasuto Haruno

Konohamaru was walking in the village as the Hogake with his wife Moegi. Konohamaru remembers when he was spying on Naruto when Naruto was twelve.
Flash Back to Naruto was using his clones to tease Sakura by poke her and than disappeared before she'd turned around or he just turns into Sasuke before Sasuke the village or somethings he will turns into Jiraiya.
The in of the flash back.
Konohamaru reached the the pole that Naruto after 2 in half years training with Master Jiraiya.
Konohamaru always tearing up when he thinks about Naruto.
Iruka said, "Don't tell me that Konohamaru is thinking about Naruto." Moegi said, "He's always like this when he think about Boss." Iruka said, "Since Ebisu took up Jiraiya's Mantle. I'll treat you to some Ramen."
So all three of them went to Ramen.

At the Ichiraku Ramen. Ayame is the new Owner of Ichiraku Ramen cause Teuchi died from old age. Ayame said, "It been ages since I saw you guys."
Iruka said, "Sorry about that but we're busy." Ayame asked, "The only time you come here to remember Naruto. Right?" Konohamaru nodded his head.
Ayame said, "My dad told me that one day that Naruto was about to eat his Ramen and he disappear in a smoke. Then when two ninjas came in and Naruto reappear on the same stool. That almost gave him a heart attack."
Iruka and Konohamaru said, "That's does sound like Naruto." They all four laugh.

Shikamaru is Konohamaru's aide found Konohamaru and said, "Here you are. You are more troublesome than Naruto himself. I'd never thought that My sensei's nephew would be even worse than the Knuckle-head ninja." Iruka said, "You got a point. I guess Konohamaru-sama took Naruto's mantle."

Yamato asked, "Hogake-sama where is Dajato? Ino wants to see him now." Konohamaru replied, "Where Naruto would be." Yamato said, "I'm losing my mind. I guess it's my old age now." Iruka said, "If you old that means I'm old too."

Dajato was in the training ground. Yamato said, "Here you are." Dajato Haruno, Nakumo Kurama, Nakuto , Nirata Hyuuga, Gurshina Uzumkai, Yanan Namikaze, Nemari, Narumei, Kuruto Yuuhi and Narin training. Now everybody has high standards to Naruto's kids.

Sarin has a crush on Dajato. Dajato has a crush on Sarin. They got married had a son Sasuto. Ino and Sai got married and had a daughter, Sino" married Chouji's and Ayame's son, Choujayame. Temari and Shikamaru's daughter, Shemaru married Kiba's and Isaribi's son, Kibaruto. Rock Lee and Tenten got married and had a daughter, Roxxi Lee.
Neji Hyuuga married Karui and they had a son that married Roxxi Lee. They had a daughter, Roji Hyuuga.
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