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Re: Such thing as Luck?

Originally Posted by Hatori_Heiji View Post
yeah thats cool. but I think that was just following the storyline right lol. but other than that I am starting to lean towards the opinion that we can change things (decide) between two different fates but, it feels like either one we follow it is still following some kind of path already set in front of us. atleast that how I feel. you guys might feel differently. (lol this is kinda reminding me of final destination, with the whole fate thing.)
To me there is no such thing as luck and there isn't a set path in life. Luck is just the realization of obstacles placed in our path and our destination changes as we deal with these obstacles therefor our destination in life is unknown until we have passed our last obstacle in life. For some they chose to quit early upon encountering an obstacle that they feel is too tough to pass. The define themselves as unlucky. I define them as unwilling to move forward to get around their obstacle and search out the next one. Take the human race for example. One possible end for us is the extinction of our race through the death of our planet. Our obstacle is to leave this earth and find a new place to inhabit. If we don't we die as a race. Do we say it was bad luck that we were stuck here and this was our fate or do we say that we were unable to move forward?
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