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Next Contestant?
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Nice and packed or loose to roll.

And no, I'm not talking about fat fucking women in bed. It's been like 2 years since I made a thread so why not start.

For those who smoke, what do you prefer?

Rolling Tobacco- For the cowboys, the peope from the long line of actors- the dole que, those who simply cannot be fucked spending £5 on a decent packet of cigarettes and for those who love the various shite brands and twigs in their pouches of tobacco.


Cigarettes- The lazy man's way to say "I have cash and feel bad ass when my friend goes in to get me 10 richmond superkings.", lazy faggotry, crushed easily if someone hits your pocket and fucked if it snaps.

Cigars are instant win as menly men smoke cigars.

Snuff/Chewing tobacco is semi-win.

It's too damn short for me to get a grip, pull the mother fucker out before it sticks.
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