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One Piece 597 Spoilers

Zoro begs Mihawk to train him, he defeated all the monkeys. ( Fraya guessed right ). We have a confirm TS period of 2 years. Jeez, that's insane.

zoro is indeed asking mihawk to train him. mihawk at first laughs at him and tells him that he's ridiculous for asking his enemy to train him. he says it's embarassing, and that zoro shoudl just leave instead of crawling back to him, unable to defeat the monkeys and unable to go to sea. zoro says he took care of the monkeys, which shocks mihawk. zoro says he wants to get stronger, mihawk understands that someone with as much pride as zoro would only do something like that to get stronger for someone else, agrees and tells the ghost girl to attend to zoro's wounds. Zoro and perona are obv explaining the meaning of the message. luffy is taken to an island where the season changes every week, apparently training with rayleigh himself (so sick.) jimbei leaves. says he'll see luffy and his crew again in 2 years. some exchanges between rayleigh and whatshername for comic relief. she says she'll bring luffy food every day, but rayleigh says nuh uh. that's basically all for now.
luffy on the last page says hold on i need to put this away, walks over to a tree which he confirms with rayleigh to be the only safe place on the island, and says that he's quitting his "mugiwara pirate luffy" name for a while, leaves the vivre card and hat there, and goes to train with rayleigh. rayleigh makes jokes about what to call him, sensei, shishou, etc, but luffy just calls him rayleigh, and says whatever.
the third haki (haoushoku) has to do with "iatsu" which is basically to overwhelm your enemy. luffy is impressed.
the busoushoku is explained as the one that can hit logia types. it's explained as one of the only defenses against the devil fruit types, especially the logia users. ha-oushoku just seems to be the one that can make things feint. luffy's retarded, and finally connects the dots (you can see him recalling how rayleigh hits kizaru).

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