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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Something tells me that Kishi is researching how to draw a penis, with details.
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Alright, here goes. It's probably too long for a single chapter as is...

Chapter 515: Yamato's Gone?!

-Outside of the Turtle-

Tsuchikage: *stops* So it was Edo Tensei...

*Akatsuchi keeps flying, accidentally slams right into Tsuchikage*

Tsuchikage: ARGH MY BACK! Akatsuchi, focus for once in your life!

*Both see Kurotsuchi with Aoba and Motoi, then go down to them*

Tsuchikage: Give me a status report on the Jinchuuriki. Are both of them still out of Akatsuki's hands?

Kurotsuchi: They are both secure, but--

Tsuchikage: Akatsuchi, flip the thing back right-side-up.

Akatsuchi: Alright Tsuchikage-sama! *creates an absolutely massive stone golem, then uses it to flip over the turtle*


*shows one-off panel of Naruto, the animals, and KB getting thrown around again*

Tsuchikage: It doesn't matter, continue your status report.

Kurotsuchi: The Mokuton user from Konoha was abducted by Kabuto before he left.

Tsuchikage: He could not have significantly more vital information than Kisame has already given to Akatsuki.

Aoba: He's a member of the ANBU; he has more intelligence on Konoha and its shinobi than almost anyone! And he is the only living user of Mokuton! How can you say his capture is not a significant threat!?

Motoi: More importantly, he was the person among us whom Naruto trusted the most. Without him, it will be very difficult to keep him unaware of the truth!

Tsuchikage: If you believe this to be a serious setback, I will report it to the other Kage--

Aoba: First we have to ensure that Naruto has not caught on yet.

-Inside the Turtle-


KB: Chill out, little dude. No need to be in a bad mood.


*others enter the turtle*

Naruto: Oh hey they're back. What did you all find out there?

Aoba: Oh, nothing much. The earthquakes were just caused by unusual seismic activity beneath the island.

Naruto: (in usual ADD fashion) Well that seismic activity has been making this mission way too difficult...*looks around* Where's captain Yamato?

Motoi: Uh...he decided to keep watch outside for the remainder of the day. Can't have any more earthquakes sneak up on us, can we?

Naruto: Sure...alright. Can I go talk to him about the mission for a sec--

Aoba: NO NO! He told us that he can't afford to be distracted in his watch!

Naruto: Oh...alright. Hey, who're the old geezer and the two ninja from Iwagakure?

Tsuchikage: CALL ME OLD WILL YOU!? I AM THE THIRD TSUCHIKAGE, YOU INSOLENT BRAT! I AM FEARED THROUGHOUT THE FIVE GREAT--*notices Aoba and Motoi giving him the "please stop talking" signal behind Naruto*

Naruto: Tsuchikage? Why'd you come here?

Motoi: Uh...to help us with our rampant earthquake problem!

Naruto: Ok then. Now if you'll excuse me, THERE IS RESEARCH TO BE DONE!!!

Akatsuchi: (he's dense...)

Aoba: I don't exactly know how, but we managed to keep him in the dark.

Tsuchikage: So he was the Kyuubi jinchuuriki? (his resemblance to that bastard Namikaze is astounding...)

Tsuchikage: We'll go inform the other Kage of what happened here, you all just ensure that neither Jinchuuriki leaves this island under any circumstances, understand?

Aoba and Motoi: Understood, Tsuchikage-sama!

*Onoki, Kurotsuchi, and Akatsuchi leave*

-goes to Naruto-

Naruto: Why is it so hard to keep track of all these animals? I can't even tell just how many there are, and that last earthquake didn't help at all!

(he remembers the chakra-sensing abilities of Sage Mode)

Naruto: AHA! I'll use sage mode to sense all of their chakras, so that way I don't even have to try to count them all out!

*enters Sage Mode*

Naruto: (Let's see, 15 turtles, 1 armadillo, 20 bears...wait...I don't sense Captain Yamato. He's...gone!)

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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Keep in the dark? More like in the closet.
The things I do for love.
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

This .

Audio Text More

O Lord God, I come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ. Your Word says, "...whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved" (Acts 2:21). I ask Jesus to come into my heart to be the Lord of my life. I receive eternal life into my spirit and according to Romans 10:9, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved," I declare that I am saved; I am born-again; I am a child of God! I now have Christ dwelling in me, and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)! I now walk in the consciousness of my new life in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!"


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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Naruto will say "i',m tried of pretending. Who was attacking us?"

but seriously i think he is just acting dumb.(this time)

Besides when he sees Tschukage HE isn't gonna play along with the charade!
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

^Too much guy for comfort.
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

i was few weeks off so ill kick with a pred
naruto 515
madara: well before you use him for zetsu-clones ill see what info he has
madara uses his sharingan on yamato
yamato: shit i cant resist it but it doesnt feel like the power of sharingan
yamato sees the rinnegan
yamato: what is that the rinnegan , but naruto defeated the rinnegan ,madara what did you do ?
madara: shut up senjudog
madara sees a part of yamato life as a kid but switches on to the event on the island and sees how kisame has been smacked down by naruto
madara: what ??? this is impossible naruto cant have this form , unless...
damn you itachi , even in death you piss me off well i have the eyes and he has the body but i wont fight him thats for sasuke
madara thinks in himself( sasuke has no chance against him but he can weaken naruto so i can finish him off)
zetsu: so youre going to sasuke ?
madara: yep , you 2 gard the fort and work on the zetsu-army
kabuto: yes chef , kabuto thinks in himself ( the guys still underestemates me, of course i had a possibility to beat naruto but now i know of his power i prob had no chance but my time will come)
madara teleports to a secret room which is filled of mysterious flames
madara; dont overdo it
sasuku: i didnt know that EMS would enhance my body strenght and my amaterasu has also improveed, i wonder how susano will be
madara in himself ( what ? his body enhanced , thats not what EMS normally do to you , hmmpf maybe he has a chance against naruto , i wonder what his susano will be)
sasuke :first i wanna finish the kages off for what they did to me
madara: ok then but ill help you, youre still not able to perform you powers at his max
sasuke : well at least i dont need the rinnegan to have power, first you take eyes from your brother and now from you a traitor to akatsuki
madara: i dont need a lecture , lets go , i think we should first go to my old friend
sasuke: huh ?
back at the turtle
tsuchikage: were in deep trouble, we need to report to the other kages
motoi: why ?
tsuchikage: thats none of your business
naruto and bee running towards motoi
bee: we heard some fuss and thought lets abandon the s-rank mission weee
naruto : sorry aoba to leave the super important mission but bee wanna to take a look and i was too excited , huh ? who is that old dude and that girl and the fat guy and wheres yamato?
bee: thats the tsuchikage and his granddaughter and well the fat guy he need to run more instead of fly weee
naruto : the what kage ?
aoba in himself : what an idiot, is he really the guy who is gonna guide the revolutuion jiraiya-sama
tsuchikage: what a disrespectfull boy, ill tell the hokage how you behave
in himself( boy what lifeforce has this boy , its inbelievable, ive never seen this kinda chakra and deep withim theres a hugh chakra , did he really mastered the kyuubi? he prob even surpassed yondaime hokage , boy boy if i think back at that flashy brat , petty we dont have those kinda guys in our village)
naruto: iam gonna be hokage like i would report to myself
but anyway whats going on here, why are they here? and i dont sense yamato
aoba : yamato is on a report of your mission to tsunade and the tsuchikage is here to investigate the giant turtle ( i hope he believes it )
naruto : seems fine to me
tsuchikage in himself ( well he isnt as smart as his father)
suddenly naruto notices kabuto's skin
naruto : hey but thats kabuto , what the hell
aobo : ooohh boy
tsuchikage: crap he found out , lets tell him the truth , weve no other choice
aobo : we had orders not to ...
tsuchikage: i am one of the 5 kages so ill make that decision
after naruto hears the story
naruto : damn kabuto , theyve captured yamato-sensei , ihave to save him
maybe my new form can help me find him
tsuchikage: whats is he gonna do ?
bee: oh boy here he goes again , just watch kagebitch
naruto goes SO6P form
tsuchikage : this is unbelievable so the legend is true
naruto : found him, huh ? whats that ?
tsuchikage: i remember that custom
what will happen , is this the end of yamato or will naruto will flash to save him and what did naruto noticed ???
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

my predic for next week kabuto makes arrangements to become an rs like madara and makes preps to steal the biju's from madara.
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Too long for an actual chapter and sorry for the typos.

Prediction for - Naruto chapter 515: NO MORE PENIS!

Yamato is captured! The allience's in danger-

[Scene opens at the island, Motoi, Aoba and the Tsuchikage team are nearby the plateform where Kabuto's body is still standing]

Aoba: This is serious! We need to inform Naruto and maybe he can try to locate them!

Tsuchikage: IDIOT! We must not inform the jinchuuriki of this new developments else they'll just mindlessly head to battle.
Inform the Kage comitee ASAP and find us a place to live in, we'll be in charge of defending them now since you guys obviously no idea what you're doing.

A small "earthquake" follows causing Tsuchikage to fall and hurt his back

Tsuchikage: MY BACK!! AAAAAHH!!! THE PAIIN!!! D:

Motoi: The turtle is starting to turn, we must hide ourselfs in it's shell meanwhile.

[Scene change: a top of a tree]

Naruto is seem in sage mode watching over the battlefield.

Naruto: yamato taichou...why?

A figure comes out of the tree. it's Yamato!

Yamato (in though): he was able to sense me? This trees have the same chakra as me it's impossible!

Naruto: The Kyuubi chakra enhanced my SM sensing abilities. Don't worry noone else will be able to sense you.
Why did you allow Kabuto to capture that clone?

Yamato: It is was so that he would go away and leave us alone. Who does he think he is to disturb such an important ecology mission!?!?!

Naruto: And don't bother lieing about this "ecology mission" I can see right through you. I'm not the idiot I was before. (in though) Though granny Tsunade seemed so belivable about this ecology mission. It made perfect sense to make a census of the animals so we could see how many fell victims during the battle.

Yamato: Mmmm...A while back Kabuto aproched our scout, Anko, with a offer.
As a reward for him showing them the way to Madara's base he wanted to "capture me". He gave them a scroll with a special jutsu that allows to create an exact clone of a person using 50% of it's chakra.
I belive you've encontered this jutsu before Naruto.

[Small flashback of the fake Itachi during the Rescue-Garra ark]

Yamato: This clone is constantly sending chakra mensages to me, giving us a ability to learn Madara's plan and sucessfully counter-attack.
This is a need-to-know only mission, noone besides the recon team, kages, Kakashi-sensei and us two know about this.

Naruto: Why would Kabuto do this without asking anything in return?

Yamato: Who knows...as long it works in our favour we're in no position to be picky about where the info comes from.

Naruto: Yeah.
It did seem a bit odd that old geezer decided to follow Deidara chan instead of Kabuto...I guess it makes sense.

Yamato: You shouldn't do anything rash about this Naruto, just stay in the island while he deal with everything.

Naruto stares at Yamato with the Kyuubi + Sage mode eye fusion. Yamato starts sweating.

Naruto: I won't stay idle while my friends die!

Naruto disapears in a cloud of smoke. As the turtle is about to finish turning Yamato uses shishuin jutsu [body-flicker] to escape too.

[Scene Change: A large cave the one where Naruto gained control over the Kyuubi]

Naruto is seen sitting while in sage mode.
The turtle just finished turning and KB is helping the helping the dizy animals. Luckly the armadillo regained conscience faster this time and the manga regains the pg-13 status.

Naruto stands up.

Naruto: Octopus-senpai, will you join me in taking down Akatsuki?

KB: HELL YEAH! was wondering what took you so long to realise everything. But we can't just go outside else they won't let us go pacefully.

[Kb heads inside one of the pyramids and moves a lever, causing a small door to open]

KB: This a secret passage i've found while training with my brother years ago. Let's head out MOTHERFUCKER!

[Scene Change: Konoha]

Scout: Ibiki-sensei! We just received word a large quantidies of enemies is moving closer to our location.

Ibiki: So it's starting...Contact Shikaku-san and inform him imidiatly.
I'll be going ahead with team 8 and Neji's squad ahead, send backup as soon as possible.

[Scene change: a empty battlefield you can make you out Konoha's wall in the backround]

Madara and Black/White Zetsu are leading a group of about 200 Zetsu's.

Madara: What do you think? Just a small group so we can have a before-after comparision after Kabuto's improvements.

Zetsu black half: I think we should start the attack instead of chit chatting.

Madara: As you wish, record everything and let me know everything afterwards.

Madara warps leaving full Zetsu in front of the small army.


As the battle starts Naruto and KB head out to battle!

/End Chapter 515
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gotta catch em all
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

it's been some time, but here i go,

my Naruto 515 prediction:
To be complete

Madara: My left eye is hungry for battle. Proceed with the preparations, I will have something to attend to.

Kabuto: Running off again? where to this time?

Madara: It will only take a matter of time before the alliance decides to make the first move. I will be be back after my final preparations are done, you take charge of the fortress while i'm gone.

White Zetsu: Ignoring my presence? Will i only be assigned to prepare Kabuto his cup of coffee?

Black Zetsu: Shut up

Madara: I have a task for you. A very important task only you can do. Go to that island, inform the boy that his friend wants to see him.

Yamato twitches and Madara immediately locked Yamato's movements with a paralyzing stare.

Yamato: tsk, he noticed it.

Madara: The rinnegan, it enhances all of what sharingan is capable, aside from the fact that it added more to my.. arsenal. You senju clone, will be the pawn that draws them here. And you will make my army stronger. Kabuto see to it.

At a blink, Yamato falls unconscious. Kabuto takes him further inside to start the procedure.

After Kabuto has left, Madara whispered to Zetsu
Madara: Don't fail. And make sure that the alliance will know of the location of this fortress. Make sure they will attack. 2 birds with 1 stone.

And then Zetsu melted underneath, towards his mission.

Madara: Are you ready to test your new eyes, Sasuke? i can feel your excitement.

Sasuke: I want to test it on you right here, right now.

Madara: My, my, you have your period today huh? We have more pressing matters at hand. Come, we will test our new eyes together.

Sasuke: Anxious are we? Take me wherever, I am ready

Madara: (thinking) He sure feels so much stronger than before. But are you really ready to fight the 9 tails?

Madara's eye portal sucked them both in


Meanwhile in Konoha,
Preparations for war is seen all around. The village is being fortified, rations are being distributed, the ninjas are undergoing intense training.

At the edge of the village, Sakura and Hinata are going up against each other in a spar while the Kiba, Shino, Sai, Chouji, Shikamaru and Ino watch from the sidelines.

Sakura attacks relentlessly, all her punches accurate and with inhuman strength. But does no damage to Hinata who uses her gentle fist to redirect all of Sakura's attacks.

Hinata: I.. I can see clearer.
Sakura: What?
Hinata: Your attacks, they are bothered. You are still bothered with what happened

Sakura lunges at her one more time, Hinata does a counter attack, landing a gentle palm on Sakura's stomach in 3 successions. Sakura crashed 30 feet from Hinata

Sakura: Grrrrr.. what does that have to do with it?
Hinata: I don't like what you did to Naruto.
Sakura: I did what i had to.
Hinata: You're still in love with him
Sakura: with who?

In the middle of the sparring area, the air rotated, spiralled, and out goes Madara and..

Sakura: Sasuke-kun!!!

Sasuke: Hmph. you again.

Madara: You can kill them, but leave the byakugan to me. I will be complete.

Next chapter:
To the rescue
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Originally Posted by SenninKorby View Post
Alright, here goes. It's probably too long for a single chapter as is...
will you make a follow-up?
you already got a title so ...
ive made also pred but your is way better
so come dude
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

My predictions for chapter 515

Madara: Time to suck some information from him
Kabuto: If we can extract some from him, victory could be ours.
Zetsu: Whoa! That's the First Hokage copycat eh, Madara?
Madara: Yes! The power that defeated me almost 80 years ago. Time to turn the tides up.
Kabuto slowly changes, his whole face is now covered with white scales.
Madara uses the sharingan
Yamato uses a Wood Jutsu
Kabuto, Madara: !!!
Madara: Orochimaru you piece of shit! And you, Yamato, has complete knowledge of Hashirama's Mokuton?
Yamato: (could not get over from what happened) No!
Yamato performs seals
Yamato: Mokuton: Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu
Madara: Shit! That jutsu sucks my chakra.
Kabuto gets the Kusanagi Sword from his mouth
Zetsu: Shit! How could I forget Orochimaru?
Kabuto injures him, and he is slowly paralyzed.
Kabuto: This sword of mine has poison in it.
Zetsu: !!! That voice! It's slowly changing, he sounds like a sick man now, like Orochimaru used to be!
Madara: You surprised me, Yamato, time to go to Sasuke.
Madara warps, Zetsu follows.
Yamato: Where is he?
Kabuto: He's in the middle of fucking nowhere.
Kabuto: I have something to confess to you... They're my enemies.
Yamato: What? Didn't you just capture me to extract information.
Kabuto: Just to earn their trust.
Yamato: Orochimaru...
Kabuto: !!!
Yamato: He must've gained dominance over you.
Kabuto: Could be, or, our entities combined together to create one indestructible force. Kuku
Yamato: Can I ask you one thing? Why did you join Akatsuki?
Kabuto: To destroy them from within. Since Orochimaru-sama left this group, he vowed to put an end to it before you Konoha shinobis could. Being his servant, I only have two goals, one is to destroy this group and second, to avenge Orochimaru-sama, you know what I mean already, to either kill Sasuke Uchiha or take over his body.
Kabuto's confessions shocks Yamato!!!
Kabuto: You should thank him for you powers eh?

Giant Tortoise "island" scene

Tsuchikage: We must rescue him at all costs!
Naruto: Where's Yamato sensei? Aoba senpai?
Aoba: (still panicking) He got captured, Naruto.
The news angers Naruto
Naruto: I will put an end to Akatsuki.
Gai: Don't rush into things like that Naruto.
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

First I get pressured into writing a prediction, now someone's demanding a continuation?!

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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

Open on Onoki taking Aoba out of the cement, falling over in the process.
Aoba: This stuff really is sticky.
Kurotsuchi: That's the point. [turns to Onoki] Let me help you, grandpa.
Onoki: I don't need your--OW! MY BACK!
Cut to Naruto and Bee.
Bee: Looks like it's over.
Naruto: Yeah, I wonder what happened.
Bee: Must have run into something violent.
Naruto: Well, let's get back to work. Is this bear male or female?
Bee: That's a raccoon, foo'!
Cut back to Onoki and co.
Motoi: Tsuchikage-sama, what was that you were talking about? About Madara's doujutsu?
Onoki: With Demonic Illusions, Madara could put Yamato-san in unbearable pain. It will only be for a few seconds, but will seem like days to him. Time won't be a factor for him.
Motoi: And with the intel Kisame gathered, they'll know everything they need to.
Onoki: Not quite.
Aoba: What is it, Tsuchikage-sama?
Onoki: I looked inside the home Roshi-sama was living in. I found a secret passage I never knew of, apparently meant for training. Roshi-sama wasn't there when Akatsuki captured him, so that should be safe.
Motoi: So, if this doesn't work out, we can hide them there.
Kurotsuchi: I don't think that will work. Naruto-sama and Bee-sama have both evaded capture by Akatsuki four times. They must be far to clever to fall for such tricks.
Cut to Bee and Naruto looking at a giant ape.
Naruto: I thought it was a monkey.
Bee: No, motherf***er! Monkeys have tails!
Cut back to Onoki.
Onoki: We don't have a choice. We can't let Akatsuki capture the Jinchuriki and can't allow them to go into battle. We can't let Naruto-san know about Yamato-san's capture either. If he's anything like I've heard, he'd rush to his rescue without thinking.
Aoba: That's Naruto all right.
Motoi: Naruto-kun has learned how to control the Kyuubi on his own. He no longer needs Yamato-san's help to suppress it.
Onoki: Perfect. You'll tell him that I came for a status report and that Yamato-san was needed back at the Leaf Village.
Kurotsuchi: Grandpa, don't you think we should leave another guard here to fill in for Yamato-sempai?
Aoba (to Akatsuchi): What's with her?
Akatsuchi: She's always been fascinated by Jinchuriki. She used to follow Roshi-sama around like a lost puppy. He moved to the mountains to get away from her.
Onoki: Very well, Kurotsuchi. You will stay and help guard Naruto-san and Bee-san.
Kurotsuchi: Thank you, grandpa! You won't regret this!
Onoki: I won't count on that.
Cut to Madara.
Yamato: I don't care what you do. I'm a member of ANBU, and I won't talk.
Kabuto: Oh I know that, Tenzo. Yes, I took a glance at your ANBU file, and I never forget a name. How has Naruto-kun been lately?
Yamato: You better not be hoping to be able to capture him. He's far to strong now.
Kabuto: I thought so. That's why you will be helpful...
[Kabuto takes Yamato into the Zetsu room]
Kabuto: ...for making more Zetsus.
Yamato: What the...?
Kabuto: Didn't you ever wonder why Madara chose those he did to be part of Akatsuki? Itachi because he wanted to keep an eye on him. Nagato and Konan because they had the drive to win. Kisame and Deidara because they had the power to win. But what about Sasori, Kakuzu, Hidan, and Orochimaru? Certainly they were powerful, but far to unpredictable. Orochimaru-sama was a perfect example of that.
Yamato is thrown in front of the Hashirama-pod.
Yamato: That's...
Kabuto: Part of Hashirama-sama. You, of course, knew that Hashirama had a wooden foot since his battle with Madara at the Valley of the End. Madara used Hashirama-sama's foot to make this--combined with the research of Akatsuki--to make an army...
Kabuto shoves Yamato into the Hashirama-pod.
Yamato: So this is why you declared war! You-HRR-already have an army.
Madara: Yes, Tenzo-san. And I don't want you to think you have any hope. It would be false hope. Because no one has escaped Zetsu.
Yamato: Really?
Zetsu: I expect nothing but the best from myself. Just like everyone...from the Uzumaki Clan.
Next: The Formation of Akatsuki
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Re: 515 prediction/ spoiler

My prediction? I hope Oonoki cracks his back for the last time, annoying old ass man using DBZ tri beam hands with Kido maneuvers from Bleach. I also agree with Shrike, I think it was him that said that Kabuto could've easily plowed through everyone there. Since Naruto was too busy being a dumbass, KB is nowhere to be found. He could've easily have shitted on everyone that was fighting... But I am PRAYING that Kishi goes somewhere with this "i decided to take fucking YAMATO over capturing the jinks" plan. I really do.
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