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One piece 604 spoilers

Confirmed spoilers

Mohmoo is pulling Caliboo's ship, and it comes crashing towards into Sunny
Cariboo gang tries to abord the Sunny, but Nami notices Mohmoo and cries out, which notifies Luffy and Sanji who both recognize Momu
short flashback to Arlong Park

Only Cariboo came abord the Sunny, as soon as he did Mohmoo ran away lol
Cariboo gives order to slaughter them, but then he realizes he's alone

He was almost thrown out into the sea by Franky, but he begged for his life and was spared
But Cariboo is a liar, and Usopp even sees through his lies
He looked at Nami pervertedly and was kicked in the face by Sanji
They tied him up in ropes, but it seems he could get out of it easily
Cariboo realizes 1 vs 9 is not in his favor, so he'll sit through for now
Apparently there's a deep current running in the depth of ocean, and this is explained. For details, read Jump
And they come across a massive waterfall
Cariboo is panicking, telling the crew to go back
Under the fall lives a demon of the sea that never bores of murder, the enemy of humanity... a Gigantic Kraken appears!
Several ships that set sail in the past few days are seen falling pray to the Kraken
Cariboo is yelling out he doesn't want to die, and Luffy tells him SHUT UP! I got a great idea! Let's tame it!

The end
The gag-scenes when Usopp, Luffy, Zoro, and Chopper are listening to Nami's explanation was funny

Next week is a break
Chopper sees a whale, and goes "WHALE! A whale!"
Luffy: No, that's old man Whitebeard!

As for terrified at Zoro thing
Zoro asked him: Who the hell are you? You're the captain of that ship, right?
And Cariboo thought to himself "WHOA Roronoa Zoro!!" then he quickly made excuses lol
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