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Hello & Goodbye New to the forums? Introduce yourself! or if your leaving us for a while you can let us know.

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this might be little late but hi. i really don't know what the a new person would say maybe some shit about liking anime and manga. i just want to add the new title FANDOM sounds super gay just to be honest.

here is a joke long but meh

A very old couple sat on their front porch one day in their small country town that they had grown up in, and lived their whole lives. They reminisced of older times during the evening, as they usually did.

"Do you remember where we first met?" the man said
"Yup, right over in that feed store, where I was your waitress" she replied
"Do you remember our first date?"
"Sure do. It was at the park, before they closed it down all those years ago"
"Do you remember where we first made love?"
"Oh yes, you conned me into layin with you by the barbed wire fence behind the feed store, you rascal" as she laughed to herself

"Well" he says, "We ain't gettin any younger...wanna relieve that day?"

They go back and forth, and finally, more to get him to leave her alone, she agrees. Hand in hand, they make their way back to that particular fence behind that feed store.

The local sheriff, who had gone to school with both of them, happened to see them walk behind the store, overheard part of the conversation, and reasoned to himself that they weren't hurtin anyone, so he'd find some quiet, out-of-the-way place to make sure they weren't interrupted.

Well, they both undressed, she grabbed hold of the fence, he mounted up, and they went at it. Never had the sheriff seen two people so vigorous! Multiple positions, legs and arms jerking in odd contortions, both of them sweating profusely, finally collapsing on the ground, panting and unable to move after their session.

The sheriff was so stunned and amazed that he risked giving offense to talk to them. "Say guys, I don't mean to pry, but I was watching over you two to make sure nobody bothered you, but I have to say; I'M IMPRESSED! How in the world do you two keep your love alive after 60 years of marriage?"

The man, after a few deep breaths sat up on his elbow, looked at the sheriff, and told him,

"Well, one thing for sure I can tell you; 60 years ago, that fence wasn't electric!"
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