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Re: Cooking Time

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
As for Nero not using the right words, come on guiz. English obviously isn't his first language. He said he had to look up words just to post this thread. Cut him a break, yo. He's trying. Plus, those meat pie things he posted look pretty good and decently easy to make.

@Nero-What is pastrami in egypt land? It's just this meat stuff like this:

yes but it's usually completely dried out from water and it contain no fats to look that slippery..

My favorite way in cooking pastrami is simple and delicious..

You get a frying pan and pour some oil or butter there then heat it,Then add like 2.5 Big spoons of garlic and play around it 'til it gets golden (not brown) then add a decent amount of chopped pastrami that's enough for your launch then add like half a galon of VINEGAR (no seriously,put alot of Viengar if you like stuff that have a strong me) then mix for a while,you can also make some pro cheef moves and let some fire slip inside the pan that will RAGE because of the vinegar ..i usually do that XD

At this stage the delicious smell is gonna tempt you to add some chopped onions as well but try to resist that and trust the recipe.

When the pastrami shrinks a notch and gets a little darker then it's time to NOM,Make sandwiches out of it and add no sauce no ketchup no nothing (You can try BBQ sauce but i recommend nothing other than it's own vinegar grease) I usually enjoy eating them straight from the pan with arabic bread but if you can't get your hands on those then sandwiches are the way to go. I think you gonna like it if you tried it.

You can also cook it with eggs and it's better than salamy on pizzas,just put in mind that it's pretty salty so when you add it to something consider that you added salt as well.

Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Actually, in Egypt, I think pastrami is this:

Of course, once they turn it into this:

It's damn tasty.
You tried our stuffed fried pigeons? man i officially love you now.

But next time ask for "Zaghaleel" (write it down) which are baby pigeons,they are meater and smoother in chewing and moar delicious.
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