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Kabuto's 6th Casket, The Elder Brother, and Tobi's Identity

Hi I'm new here and have never posted in forums talking about anime/manga so this is quite new for me. It's just that something has been nagging me for a while and I want to share my thoughts here.

These are my two thoughts:
1. The first thought of mine isn't really the more important of the two. Because of this, I'll just post a link to an article that discussed this at length.
In short, I believe that Tobi=Shisui and Madara being in the casket is quite a strong theory.Unlike the person in the article, however, I do not claim that this is 100%, but I do feel that this is worth discussing. I also still feel that Madara=Tobi is the stronger of the two propositions.

2. Assuming the default position that Tobi=Madara, this leads me to the second idea. It is of my belief that the person in the 6th Casket of Kabuto's Edo Tensei is none other than the legendary Elder Brother. To clarify just in case, I am talking about the elder son of Rikudou Sennin(Rikudo Sage)

Why do you think this is so?
Uchiha Madara is one of the most strongest persons in the shinobi world. For him to not kill Kabuto right away meant that the person in the 6th Casket must have been very powerful. Probably not powerful enough to kill Madara, but enough to make him think twice. This fits the profile of the Elder Brother nearly completely; although not as powerful as Rikudou Sage, he was the direct son.

But Madara used the term "it" to describe the person in the sixth casket. Why would he show such disrespect? Didn't the Elder Brother and Uchiha Madara follow the same idelogy? And why can it not be the Younger Brother?
Madara appears to be quite egotistical, especially when he is dealing with other people who are "failures". True, they both follow the same ideology - that power, not love, would bring peace. However, as can be seen from from the story so far, the Elder Brother ultimately failed. Furthermore, I would like to point out to an interesting fact: being a Uchiha does not immediately bring respect from Madara. Madara did not respect the Uchihas of "his time" (i.e. he was "betrayed" by the Uchihas); he did not respect the Uchihas passed "his time" (i.e. the Uchiha Massacre); therefore, him not respecting the ancestors of the Uchihas before "his time" brings a sort of strange completion to his hatred.

Again, why can it not be the Younger Brother though?
To me, it just seems like Kishimoto follows a certain theme present in a lot of fiction and epic fiction: a good person's tomb and body are never desecrated by evil villains (though they can be by good people like in Full Metal Alchemists). Examples included Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. Dumbledore tomb might have been broken into, but only his wand was stolen from him. For some reason, Voldemort did not blow Dumbledore up when he had the chance. In Star Wars, Obi Wan's body disappeared so that it could not be subjected to abuse. The same with Yoda. Meanwhile, Emperor Palpatine, the villain, was throne down some shaft.

But didn't Hashirama and Tobirama got summoned? And Itachi?
Yes, both Hashirama and Tobirama were brought back against their will by Orochimaru. However, if I'm not mistaken, Orochimaru did not receive their genes by digging up their graves. The same with Kabuto reviving up Itachi and the rest (except 6th Casket, of course). The thing with Kabuto and Orochimaru is that they only revive people who died a relatively short time ago. This means that they don't necessarily have to dig anything up. The Younger and the Elder Brothers, on the other hand, is a different case. They died a very long time ago and the only way to find their DNA was at their graves. And if Kishi was to follow a certain theme, then it is more likely that the Elder Brother's tomb was one that was relatively easy to find and desecrated during Kabuto's search for DNA.

Very well then. Do you have any other evidence?
Yes, though I was hesitant to use this at first, since it can be used to justify a lot of things. My last evidence is the coolness factor itself. It has been hinted that there might be an ultimate Senju vs Uchiha battle. The manga might soon be coming to an end, which means that now is the time for Sasuke to meet up with the Elder Brother. This is also another reason why I don't think the Younger Brother is in the casket, since it's Naruto that would have to learn from the Younger Brother, and preferably through good and pure means.
Finally, there's also this theme that Naruto can change people's wicked ways of life. Some people have been bringing up an interesting observation that Edo Tensei can be undone if the revived have no more worries about living world. The story would be cool if Naruto was the one to put the legendary Elder Brother to sleep.
Anyways, what do you guys think? If you have any genuine refutations, then please post it. Receiving refutations is the reason why I posted here in the first place.

Thank you

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