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/naruto 528 spoiler\

Credits: Ohana


SOURCE: http://naruto-mangaspoiler.blogspot....8-spoiler.html


繋ぎあわせて『ダ類』に。ダルイひょうたんに吸い込まれる~ 直前で『すいません~』『すいません~~』
ダルイ、吸い込まれずに済み、ギンカクに切り掛かり、ギンカクコウキンジ ョウにぶつか る。ダルイ7星剣と、 ひょうたん奪う。
BY takL

Darui realizes keeping silence is also NG(no good)
He talks lots.
He recalls his convo with raikage. In there the word ’ruiji(similarity)’ appears and combined with other word, it made 'darui(dull)'. darui gets sucked into the gourd...not! just before that he goes 'sorry this' 'sorry that' to make the word 'sorry' the word he said more than 'darui(dull)'(in his life)
Darui gets off without being sucked and slashes at ginkaku. Ginkaku bumps against kokinjyo. Darui nicks 7 star sword and the gourd. Ginkaku gets sucked into the gourd.
Kinkaku gets cross at this and 9b -nizes and the chap ends.

hint: Ginkaku got sucked into the gourd

Credits: Ohana, saladesu


No info on Hanta (TN: I'm sorry, is there a character called Hanta? I'm forgetful. I think she might be talking about HunterxHunter but I'm not sure). I have only browsed through (the magazine).

Darui realizes that he can't stay silent the whole time either.
So he talks about various things.
He remembers his convo with the Raikage. In that convo, the word "similarity" (ruiji) comes up.
Joining them together he gets the word "Da-rui" (TN: "rui" means type). Right before he gets sucked into the gourd he keeps saying "Sorry, sorry"
Instead of saying "darui" (TN: dull) repeatedly, he says "sorry" instead.
Darui doesn't get sucked into the gourd, he slashes at Ginkaku who then slams into Koukinjou. Darui steals the seven star sword and the gourd.
Ginkaku gets sucked into the gourd.
Kinkaku goes into a rage, and the chapter ends with him turning into Kyuubi-mode.


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