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OK, so I purposed an organization effort in the latest bitchfest that is the Naruto chapter thread; I might as well put my money where my mouth is. We have quite a few serious members who enjoy manga - perhaps too much as it detracts from school and work - and we really spend too much of our day bantering back and forth about the original series that this forum was founded on.

And don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with that. Naruto and Bleach were two of the most popular manga around. Problem is, they've become two of the most popular train wrecks to read... so it is probably time we find something worthy, before we get more complaints about what a negative bunch we are (fucking whiners). So, in order to put down the idea that all we do is complain about how bad Naruto is, and it is rather terrible, I suggest we find some new series to talk about.

My first point will be that this is not a thread to just say "this series is really great." What I am looking for is people who want to starrt up new threads to support other manga (and eventually anime, though I find a lot less time to watch anime than read a chapter or two). I also don't think we should follow the chapter by chapter nature, because those threads get swept away too quickly. If we have one thread for a newer manga and post all the chapter releases in it, it'll be easier for people to get into reading the new manga. It's all well and good that there is interesting in One Piece, but when the posts are at 600-something, it can be a bit daunting to pick up and try to catch up. (I am currently around 460 having started in September.)

With that in mind, here are the manga I know there is discussion about, to gauge interest in maybe starting up a "beginners threads" for those who are going to start at Chapter 1 and want to work through them at a reasonable pace to catch up.

One Piece - for all intents and purposes an excellent example of a Shonin Manga, much like Naruto in quality and level of seriousness (it gets really stupid at times) but with far superior character development and being true to its themes and roots. But long. So long.

Fairy Tail - I call this brainless fun. It is silly, funny, full of action but nothing ground breaking. At 230 chapters, it actually won't take much to catch up on because the chapters don't generally go into much depth. t can be enjoyed on the same level as a mindless action film or those trash novels people leave at cottages to read in the summer when they don't care to be mentally active. Oh, and Hiro loves partial nudity of his buxom female characters... so it has that going for it too.

A few other manga have very minor followings: D. Gray Man (205), Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (333), Claymore (114), Soul Eater! (85) but most threads are limited to under 4 posts. Perhaps those who read would like to try and promote them (I've only read a bit of Claymore and Soul Eater). I also know a lot of us are watching our lives slip by waiting for the next Beserk chapter, so we could discuss that one, but once you're caught up (which I'm not), it can be agonizing.

Furthermore, if there are relatively new manga out there people want to strike up discussion on, discuss them along with posting a few early chapters and we'll gauge interest.

And yeah, I realize this has "book club" feel written all over it. Deal with it or don't participate. I enjoy comic books and manga a lot - to the point where I feel I should have a kid to justify any purchasing of new graphic novels at times - and want to broaden the discussion.
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