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Re: Cooking Time

^FYI, those ice cream sandwhiches are AWESOME, doug made them very very well.

Tabitha is ready to tell you a recipe

Get yourself a BIG pot

1) find the beef in your freezer that you forgot about, or stewing beef. (i used some eye steaks and some stewing beef) make sure you've got like 2 pounds or more.
fry that beef up in the bottom of the pot you will use, with some oil of course.
depending on your preference you may either drain away the fat or just leave it for extra deliciousnes.

For spices when frying your meat i use worchestershire sauce, garlic and pepper.

2) add your vegitables: I use carrots, white and red potatoes (unpealed), 1 Onion (white or red, your prefference) Cellery and mushrooms. Slice that up into about half bite-sized pieces; if you're like me you want more than one ingredient in your mouth at a time.

Hint: if you save half of the vegetables for about a half hour before you serve it, and dump them in then, they will add a splash of brightness to your stew that would usually have fadded as the veggies became one with the stew.

3) add half a can of tomato soup, or a can of diced tomatoes, again, your preference, feel free to use a whole can if you like. F

4) then dump in lots of worchester shire sauce and like an entire regular sized bottle of HP sauce, (i put that shit in everything!)

5) dump in about a glass worth of red wine, or up to half a bottle, none of that crappy cooking wine though, ugh. i find a merlot is best, but sheraz isn't bad, i am finishing the bottle now, actually.
6) Fill the pot with just enough water to cover the contents of the pot

7) Right! a smack of fresh rosemarry(guestimate, like 2 table-spoons, easy) and a couple of bay leaves, minced garlic (lots) if you have/like, basil, oregano, teragon and more pepper!(about a tbs of each for the last 4, exluding targon, only a tsp of that)

It's all about taste so remember to try some as you go!

Seriously, it's stew, just dump in everything that you like.

For now it is simmering on my stove, but in a short bit i will add some cornstarch and thicken it up extra, you should only do this if you like a very very thick stew, it is not usually necessary, if you let it cook for ages.
this is where we are at right now, i still have yet to add cornstarch, but you can see lots of needles of rosemary, and lots of carrots. i ate a mushroom about 5 minutes ago, it tasted like delicious stew ^_^

If you are going to add cornstarch:
make sure you mix your cornstarch with cold water before dumping it into the pot, while stirring add a little bit of starch-water at a time and give it a chance to work before you add more or you will end up with gelatinous goop... which might be good to, cause it's stew.

TL;DR) FUCKIGN STEW! YES! i'm in a really good mood, cooking makes me happy.

I'd like to apologize to anyone and everyone who was expecting an actual recipe, that's just not how i cook.

On a different note, i love Chopstick Raw Fish, especially the volcano roll.
soooooooo good

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