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An open letter to the Democrats and the Republicans

Dear politicians of the great nation of USofA,

We know you guys run a pretty impressive country, full of freedom, liberty and justice. Since freeing the slaves, you're ancestors have dragged a cobbled together nation from an obscure ex-British colony into a world power, who drives with economic and military strength. Nearly every country in the world is in some way beholden to you, either for military protection, economic stability or, at the very least, from some of the great innovations that have been born from your people's labours, both scientifically, socially and politically. (As a Canadian, I feel tied to pretty much everything American many days of my life).

Sure, you're not perfect, but who is? I'm certain that if you give the same sort of power to the Portuguese, they would make similar blunders and errors as well as successes. I don't want to get into the many problems people face because it only opens the door for finger pointing to any countries weakness.

Instead, I want to focus on a little thing we call your debt. And I use little ironically. Because it's over $14 trillion US. I, honestly, can't fathom that number. I googled it to see if I could find something that compared and the first page of hits were all about the US debt, so I am left to conclude that there is nothing we can point to that matches the phenomenal whole you've dug yourself.

And dug it you have, borrowing, spending, building. A cycle of money that has been in one door and out the door. No, you aren't the only country to do this, but the simple fact remains: right now, you are the only country who can hold a debt this large.

Therein lies the problem. All your creditors are poorer than you. None of us can cover such a number, even as a group. We actually live in the world where the US debt is one of the safest investments anyone can take on because how could the richest nation in the world default?

Except that is exactly what you are about to do. Your (self-imposed) debt ceiling stands at $14.3 trillion US. If you pass that, you do default and would trigger an economic collapse that would drag your country into a depression - and, well, pretty much the rest of the world, too.

But don't fear, your President tells us. All you need to do is get together as a group and decide to raise the ceiling so you can keep from defaulting and carry on the trail of spending. You just need to come to an agreement by Aug 2 and all will be well. We accepted now, but now find ourselves three weeks from that date and all we here is two sides, miles apart, pandering over ideologies surrounding this debt, in all their partisan glory.

Problem: This issue doesn't just effect you! We are all being held hostage by your politicking, uncertain if we can move forward. We didn't vote for you, but heed us as good neighbours. Piss off and fix this, now.

Republicans - I understand your utter fear of the word "tax", but when you are spending money, you need to bring money in. Preferable more money than you spend. Cuts won't suffice in this case, particularly because I don't think you're ready to cut the biggest spender in your budget, the US Military. By holding this stance, you put a gun to the head of every middle class American, the very people you supposedly champion, threatening to remove any social assistance in exchange to protect those who benefit most from tax shelters: the rich. Somehow you have gotten enough people to swallow that you care, and good for you, but can you so blatantly be cold and uncaring? Furthermore, can you even say the word negotiation when your very stance is "our way or the highway"? I assure you, you will not like that highway.

Democrats - I understand what a great thing universal medicare and social programs are (I am a Canadian, after all), but surely you saw this coming, right? A ballooning debt and you decide to add trillions to it, thinking A) all will be fine and B) no one will notice that our debt ceiling is approaching. It doesn't make sense that no one took at look at the studdering economy and said, "Hold on, boys. This could turn out bad for us economically and politically." (I'm sure someone did.) You like to claim you are for common sense and the common man. Well, this smacks of ineptness and a lack of foresight. Change takes time to be done right. Stop rushing where you should tread lightly. Fix the financial environment before you start throwing out bonuses to everyone.

Now, I know you will raise the ceiling, you won't default and the world will carry on. Capitalism won't allow you to fail until there is at least a comparable alternative (and China is not even close yet). Those businessmen love their money. So, my plea is probably easily ignored, especially since I don't vote for you - if indeed you do listen to voters. But this situation is deplorable, disgusting and insanity personified. $14+ trillion US and growing. $46,000+ US for every man, woman and child in your nation. Your friends and neighbours are starting to worry about you. It's time to put aside your middle life crisis, stop buying those new ferraris ballistic missiles and get your house in order.

For your future. For our future.

It's time for an intervention.
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