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Re: Jesus, not the first

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Getting personal, aren't we? Shorthand is now a crime. Pettiness.
Way to completely ignore both that question and the point I brought up before with Moses and your use of words, which you failed in your attempt to turn around on me.

It's not petty to call you out on using "xtian" when you are so proud of being a believer. Either you're secretly ashamed of the fact that your stance is illogical, or you are trying to appeal to a certain sub-group by using an internet form of the word. The "stupid" jab came from your string of posts that are completely and utterly illogical and deviating from the topic to spew more of your "I have no clue what I'm saying so I'll just repeat the same illogical argument to stubborn them into submission".

@Mibs. Understood. As already explained He is limited.
Wait, wait, wait. You Christians call your God an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful being that exists outside of our reality, but He's "limited"? Do you not see the contradiction, or complete insanity, of that?

Laws are not laws until they have no exceptions.
As someone studying Criminal Justice (i.e., Law), this is bullshit. Every law has exceptions. That's what the various defenses come from. We'll go with the big one "Thou shalt not kill", or "murder". There are differing degrees of murder, depending on intent and actions. Man can kill another man if in severe distress and defending themselves, and the law will exempt that person due to the circumstances behind the action. Already there is one exception to the law, so your argument is now null.

That's what makes them laws in the first place.
Actually, what makes them laws is the crime having been committed in the first place, and said crime not conforming to societal norms.

It is not His choice to make.
Genesis says otherwise.

Man is suppose to make Him [God] his choice.
If God existed there wouldn't be a choice. He would prove his love of his "creation" by making the world perfect, thus proving his existence and gaining more followers.

You [God] can't protect people from rape while at the same time allow people to choose to rape [that will be a case of double standard].
An all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing God can indeed protect someone from rape in multiple ways. First, eliminate the violent urges in humanity that grow into choices to do harm (i.e., rape). This isn't eliminating free-will, but simply making the world a better place to live in. Second, God, seeing that the rape will happen at a certain time and place, can "inspire" the victim to not go that route on that particular day and time. Again, not interfering with free-will. Or, if you want to get extreme, God can completely eliminate free-will/evil, making a perfect utopia filled with people that are completely devoted to him.

In other words, go look at the flow chart Kina posted a while back.

OK. Let's look at this picture, shall we? There is the small part and the big one [This is an individual case in point].

Here goes: A child is taken to the clinic by the parents to be immunized [lets say HBV vaccine]. When the needle is pierced into that child, he considers it painful, suffering and with his little innocent eyes, looks at the parents for what he calls deliverance. But the parents know better. Stop the immunization [child gets HB later in life and dies from it] or continue [child is protected from the HBV].

Looking at the big picture, the parents need to continue the immunization cos that painful ordeal [to the child] is to protect him later in life[from death]. The parents have to chose between "the needle" and "death" cos they know the end from the beginning.

The same applies to God. To us, the suffering shd seize if He does really exists [small picture] but we shd look at the big picture, without it [not saying it is good], pride, overconfidence, consequence-less actions etc will be the order of the day. So to some extent, suffering is good [teaches us our limitations and helps us survive, be responsible etc].

This world is imperfect at every angle u look at it. Our suffering [caused by the god of this world] saddens Him. That is why He wants us to turn to Him for comfort, not turn to the world. If the world was such a perfect place, then there'd be no reason to turn to God for comfort.
So you're comparing a man-made vaccine, created to extend the lifespan of the human race by eliminating a deadly disease, to "appeasing to God" in order to get in his good graces? God is an attention whore.
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