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Re: 558 prediction/spoiler

561 Continued

Scene shows Naruto. Minato is sitting leaning against a tree.

Naruto: I've got it!!! I think.
Minato It took you long enough, ha, i thought i'd have to start giving you hints!

Naruto grins and scraches his head: aaah well I was never too good at working ot stuff like that, but its thanks to erosennin doing stuff like this to me all the time during our 3 years together. Everything was a test, i used to go crazy sometimes but he would be relentless.
Minato smiles: Well go on then, explain it to me

Naruto: well you said it was your chakra that was the anchor in the kunai there. and, well you can't really leave chakra out there by itself otherwise it would just dissapear.
Minato: Excellent, you got it, but that's only half the answer, you've told me the weakness of the flying thunder god technique but why do i need the shunshin seal?
Naruto: well, you cant really store chakra in stuff unless your're in direct contact with them once they're released the chakra will start dissapearing so the seal is to store your chakra for when you need to use it.
Minato: Excellent, that is it exactly, the shunshin seal stores my chakra indefinitly for when i need it...anything else?
Naruto: well i do have a question?
Minato: Go on
Naruto: well even though i'm not that good with them and don't know too much about them i know there are many different types of seals that store chakra, like trap seals store chakra until you trigger them right? so why did you need to create the shunshin seal? why not use any other seal?

Minato tilts his head back into the air and lets out a big hearty laugh

Minato: Thats my son for you, Jiraiya sensei didn't skimp on your training at all did he, you hit the nail on the head. but i do have to add that even though you were sharp enough to pick that up you still missed out the most obvious thing.
Minato: Due to my training and my excptional chakra control i was able to distinguish my chakra even when stored in something else outside my body, but even that was limited by distance and like i said Naruto i was pretty terrible at seals myself before i met your mother and that fortunately was a blessing in disguise for me!
Naruto: a blessing in disguise???
Minato: yes, because if i had been any good i would have done just what you said now and then sooner or later my secret would have been revealed!
Naruto: Your secret??
Minato: Naruto when i threw those Kunai did you sense any chakra in them

Naruto looks at one kunai first and then the other, he picks up the one near his feet and turns it over in his hand.
Naruto: I can't feel anythin!!
Minato: Exactly, and that was all thanks to your mother. With her knowledge of seals she helped create a really complex yet simple inverted seal for me.
Naruto: Inverted??
Minato: Yes, inverted so that my chakra inside could not be sensed by anybody, complex so that no one could break it and so that i could sense it no matte how far away it was and simple so that i could use it fast and easily without any problems.

He holds out his arm and grabs narutos shoulder the shunshin seal flows from his hand and to narutos shoulder and stays there.

Naruto:...but why?
Minato: Naruto if the enemy realised it was my chakra that was there they could work out what i was doing, if they did that they could try to counter it for example sealing the kunai in a barrier, destroying it or maybe finding someother way of cutting me off from my chakra.
Minato: even with my technique the way it was my enemies had some idea of the link between it and me, they would try to destroy it, keep an eye on it but they never knew EXACTLY how the technique worked and so couldn't come up with a way to stop it, the most they could do was to try to counter it, and well like i said i was pretty fast haha.

Naruto looks down at the Kunai, a saddened look crosses his face.

Naruto: but dad...I'm terrible at seals, I've never been good with chakra control...I'm not as good as you...

Minato looks at Naruto in surprise and then bursts out in laughter once more whilst naruto watches in surprise
Minato: To think i'd hear you say something like that, hahaha
Minato: You know i thought learning chakra control and creating the flying thunder god technique were the hardest things I ever did for a while too until
Minato: until I had to learn how to harness natural energy
Naruto: !!!
Minato: after learning the sage arts everything else seemed pretty easy to be honest!
Naruto: Learning Sage mode was harder??!
Minato: Naruto from what you've told me you completed sage mode faster than me and Jiraiya sensei combined!

Naruto looks at his dad in disbelief

Naruto: I...never realised...
Minato: You are my son Naruto I have faith in you

Scene Switch to Kabuto

Kabuto Thinking: Finally I have the sharingan! If only I could keep it. I had better go find a suitable host to transfer my soul to quickly...at this rate I won't survive long before being consumed.
He looks around the valley then up at the sky
Kabuto: It certainly is a good thing that they are all gathered together isn't it kukukuku.

He jumps and disappears off into the distance

Scene Switch to Naruto

Naruto is sitting on the ground with his eyes closed and his legs crossed as if he's meditating. He has three of his clones standing at different distances around him.

Naruto: I'm telling you dad I can't sense anything, I don't feel them at all.
Minato: It's not going to happen in a flash Naruto hehe, just because it might be somewhat easier compared to sage mode doesn't mean its easy.
Naruto: But dad do we seriously have time for training?! there is a war going on my friends are dying!!

The smile fades from Minato, a look of saddness crosses his face.

Minato: I'm sorry Naruto I wish I could tell you that there was a short-cut but there isn't without being able to sense your chakra out there you won't be able to learn the flying thunder god technique.
???: Let me do it!!
Naruto:?!? what? who's there?!
Minato: Whats up Naruto?
Naruto:...I thought I heard something
Kyubi: You did hear something you brat, ME!
Naruto: 9 Tails!!!!

(Actually though a little short i'll leave this as it is, I've rushed it pretty badly as it is, will try to get a more composed 562 up tomorrow)

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