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Re: 561 prediction/spoiler

ok here it is

it was quick, it is short and its bloody stupid but its the first thing I thought of when i re read the chapter and i wanted to incorporate it into a predic no matter how daft!!! enjoy ;-)

Naruto 561: United We Stand

The Alliance Ninja stand shocked beyond belief under the shadow of the giant meteor as it comes storming down.

Madarra: witness my power before the end.
Kabuto/Mu: So you can do something this monumental?! Kukuku is this thanks to the edo tensei technique?! Kuku
Madarra: You and Orochimaru may have gone further than anyone else before you, but do not hold yourself so high lest you fall. Though such a technique would have placed me under great strain whilst alive it was not beyond my power to command!
Kazekage:...Is this as far as we could go?!
Tsuchikage: Damn damn damn!!!

Scene Switch to Tobi

Tobi is flying through the forest, suddenly a black zetsu clone appears out of a tree far ahead. Madarra lands next to him.

Zetsu: He’s here
Tobi: I know
Zetsu: what is our next step.
Tobi: This changes nothing, we go ahead as planned.
Zetsu: We were unable to bring him back because of nagato’s failure, should we try to take control of him from Kabuto, he cannot be trusted with his power.
Tobi: No, it isn’t as easy as that. He knew what he entrusted us with, we will contend with him when he have to.
Zetsu: Will it be enough?!
Madarra: I am his greed and his ambition after all
Zetsu:...Do you think he’ll listen?!
Tobi: We haven’t been sitting idle all these years, if it comes to it my eyes shall not fail!

Scene Switch back to Madarra

Kabuto/Mu: It seems you’ll take out a huge chunk of the alliance in one fell swoop, such is the power of the rinnegan
Madarra: Such is the power of Uchiha Madarra boy!
Kabuto/mu: kuku boy? You should come pay me a visit. By the way would you answer a question?
Madarra: What?
Kabuto/Mu: The man in the mask, Tobi, the other Madarra, we knew he wasn't you...but we could never fully discover the link between you two...
Madarra: hmph, how foolish your presumptions are, that man is my greed and ambition.
Madarra:!! That is!!

Naruto: We...we’ve lost.

We see Itachi land in next to Naruto

Itachi: Is this the extent of your conviction Naruto? To give in without even fighting? Is this how you intend to save Sasuke?!
Tsuchikage: Uchiha Itachi!!!
Naruto: Itachi, you’re here? When did you
Itachi: We don’t have time for this Naruto, i’ve been watching everything from the sidelines
Tsuchikage: I guess you have some reason to come here Itachi?!
Itachi: Naruto have you forgotton what I told you? Every Jutsu has a weakness!
Itachi: Quick you don’t have time, there are only moments left. Tsuchikage, you have the ability to change the density of matter, do you have to be in direct contact or could you make that meteor lighter from here?
Tsuchikage: I have to be in direct contact, but that would accomplish nothing, i can fly up to that monstrosity but it is just too big, in the time it would take me to change its density our bones will be rotting on this field.
Itachi: That is irrelevant go and do it now!!!
Tsuchikage:??? We’re going to die anyways...I hope you know what you’re doing Itachi, there will be no second chances.

The Tsuhchikage shoots off vertically heading towards the meteor.

Itachi: Naruto I need you to create as many shadow clones and attack that meteor, get everyone on this battlefield to attack it with any and all attacks they have!
Naruto: Itachi the whole army couldn’t make a dent in that thing?!
Itachi: Naruto do it now!
Naruto:!!! I can’t create much more clones...but i have an idea,

Naruto nods his head to one of the other clones, the clone disappears in a puff of smoke.

Naruto: ok all the nearby clones will try to get here and help, in the meantime we’ll do what we can

Naruto and the remaining clones fly off to inform the other ninja, you see the the rasen shurikens and rasengans forming on their hands.

Gaara: Uchiha Itachi, none of us have enough power to even attempt to destroy that thing, what will
Itachi: Kazekage, their mission is not to destroy it but to try to slow it down as much as they possibly can
Gaara: Slow it down?!!
Itachi: Did you not notice, that is not a meteor that has come roaring out of space, it has been summoned.
Gaara: What?! Summoned??!

Itachi looks up at the meteor as it continues to descend
Itachi: Yes from what i can see it looks to be a part of the moon, its falling at an alarming rate due to its mass and the speed its built up already but it is still technically falling.
Gaara:??? Itachi that changes nothing, it can’t be
Itachi: That is why I didn’t say they would stop it Kazekage, they will attempt to slow it as much or as little as possible for however many seconds they can
Gaara: but what will that accomplish??!!
Itachi: Kazekage look at it!!! What is it that you are looking at?!!

Gaara looks up at the meteor

Gaara:...I don’t...!!! It’s...
Itachi: Yes Kazekage they are just rocks pressed and formed together as one.
Gaara: But...
Itachi: This is a race against time Kazekage. The faster you are able to convert it into your own sand the faster its density changes and the more the tsuchikage and the others can slow it down, the more they can slow it down the more time you have to reduce its mass and impact.
Gaara: ...
Itachi: This is it Kazekage, the point in which the alliance stand or fall together!!!

Next Week: What comes down...

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