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One Piece 650


Sweet chapter, packed with lots of new info.

It sucks that the fight between Aokiji and Akainu happened off panel. They each have one of the most powerful DFs to date, it must have been a sight. 10 straight days of fighting, that is badass. I'm really curious about what Aokiji is up to. My money is on relaxing, since he has no duties to attend to now.

BB is a Yonkou, and he didn't even use the gura gura no mi. Holy shit, he must be a freaking monster now. They are killing powerful DF users and taking their powers, which makes me wonder how they are transferring them. Aokiji will most definitely be a target now that he isn't a marine and is on his own. The WB pirates should watch out as well, specially Marco with his Mythical Zoan.

We got to see the casket in action, that is a pretty useful tool and as usual Zeo was hilarious.

" I got old on purpose "

Lol at Luffy just punting Caribou off the castle, and Sanji's reaction to Shirahoshi holding him. Caribou knows Shirahoshi's secret, so what happens now ?

Also, we have the confirmation of a 3rd weapon, Uranus.

Sea, Land and Sky, can't wait to see the other two in action.

Big mam is up next. With no candy to offer she might hunt down the SHs lol.

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