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Is Yu Yu Hakusho overrated?

I notice allot of people including myself(at times) seem to hold Yu Yu Hakusho in high regard. Now I've come to wonder if this is even warranted. Let's begin with an Arc breakdown.

1. Spirit Detective - Basically were it all started. This covers the death & rebirth of Yusuke, the Three Legendary Artifacts which introduces Hiei & Kurama, & Genkai's Tournament.

2. Saint Beasts - This arc reintroduces Hiei & Kurama as a part of the main cast. It covers the Sarayashiki Plague in the human world as well as the siege on Maze Castle.

3. The Dark Tournament - Primarily revolves around Yukina's Kidnapping & The Dark Tournament. The main antagonist in this arc is Toguro & is really the first villain within the series that initially outlcasses our heroes in every way imaginable.

4. Chapter Black - This involves the House of Four Dimensions, Mushiyori City, & Demon's Door Cave. New superhumans are introduced with unique powers rarely seen during the time this came out. The main antagonist in this arc is Sensui who was a spirit detective before Yusuke.

5. Three Kings - This arc leads our heroes back into the demon world where with supposedly no way of returning to earth. It revolves around 3 super powerful demons with one being the ancestor of Yusuke. The arc ends in Dark Tournament fashion with Yusuke actually losing & mistertiouslly returning to earth with a bullshit explaination. This is probably the second worst arc in the series simply because it was cut short do to conflicts of interest between Togashi & the publishers.

6. We'll call this defuse the bomb. This tries to touch "briefly" on the aftermath of the events of three kings. It ends with our rag tag gang traveling to spirit world to well defuse a bomb. This is without a doubt the worst arc in the entire series.

Anyway the point I'm trying to make here is that although Yu Yu Hakusho has it's high points it is rather overrated since people love to ignore what is actually wrong with the manga.

The Spirit Detective arc was a nice introduction into the series. No real complaints here.

The Saint Beasts arc was also good however I think they should have saved this type of situation for later. Yusuke went from a defender of earth to handling the spirit worlds problems which I feel was a mistake. This was probably done to reintroduce Hiei & Kurama into the series though I think they could have done that without going to the demon realms right away.

The Dark Tournament which is allot of people's favorite arc was good in that it introduced allot of interesting characters while showing interesting & unique ways of fighting. However it seems like a ripoff of Dragon Balls World Tournament which makes the series loss some of it's originality.

The Chapter Black arc was pretty good though I think the concept of gifted humans could have been touched on more earlier in the series. They could have done this arc before Saint Beast & the manga would have been better for it. Sensui's character also contradicts Toguro's wish which was to become the highest class of demon with strength absolute. This creates inconsistencies within the power levels since by that logic Toguro should have been more powerful than Sensui which he wasn't.

Three Kings arc started out with an interesting plotline. Yusuke embraces his demon heritage & goes to the demon world never to return to the human world again. However this created tension between artist & publisher since they did not approve of the idea of Yusuke going demon & leaving his beloved Keiko behind. This lead to a cut of the original script with subpar artwork & a rushed ending. Ultimately this lead to the demise of the series.

The last arc Defuse the Bomb is kind of a joke & a weak attempt to try & please the fans by giving the series some sort of closure. Most people totally ignore this piece of shit when they talk about this series.

Anyway agree? disagree? All comments welcome.

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