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Infraction for xxMESTxx: Spaming

Post: Should we add a 1on1 naruto Debate/challenge thread?
User: xxMESTxx
Infraction: Spaming
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Administrative Note:
Message to User:
That's enough.

Original Post:
Originally Posted by Tmoore View Post
prove where i ever took kyf side or even agreed with anything he said and your argument is valid. just because i said something he may have or may not have said doesnt put us in the same category.
Yeah, it does. You don't have to agree with him on any of the insane shit he says. You clearly missed the point, on how retarded it is to call people "haters" and "dick riders" on an internet forum. Just because they call your bullshit. That's some KYF shit, man.

if thats the case does saying monkey see monkey like stubborn donkey just did make us alike? no but we may or may not have shared a similar thought making it pointless to repeat it.
Jesus, you're an idiot. No, because it's not even remotely similar. What you're doing here is crying "hater" and "dickrider" because I disagreed with something you said. Because what you said was wrong, stupid, and only a way to boost you're own ego. That's what makes you bitches alike.

you have not, will not, and cannot, corner me you are like a groupie that waits for the next big thing to appear so u can jump on his dick but my 15 mins of fame is gone so hop off my dick and bother herp derp maybe u can win with him.
Consider yourself cornered. You said the stupid shit, and put yourself in the corner. Shit, you practically live in the corner.

You're like a retard, who doesn't know he's retarded. You go around posting you're idiotic thoughts, with some of the worst grammar I've seen, with some of the worst insults I've ever seen. Your 15 minutes of fame never started because you're a joke, a hack. You just can't cut it. Oh and apparently you're obsessed with dicks and the act of riding them. I'd fix that shit, man.
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