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KiddJutsu's Thread of Bullshit

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Lol hilarious. Saying what out with posting consecutively since its frowned is the simplest way of offering a quick FYI.
Since you're hardly able to form actual sentences, I'll take from your posts what I can. You were offered an FYI and YOU flew off the handle like a little bitch.

Telling me I'm annoying for wanting to give props and encourage more creative seems to offend people it's not even intended for. Your annoyance level to people not as you do I guess or commenting how you think they should is pretty damn weak.
Wow, you're fucking stupid man. Nobody said that, oh wait..I forgot that's how things work in kiddie land.

You say everybody has stuff other this this forum but with your responses to this I seriously doubt it. You claim a higher level of intelligence because you're an expert at this sh*t is also weak. I never said I knew the rules to this posting stuff. Lol but you boys take it so seriously like it will change your lives. Again, just flat out week.
Most people here, like I said work, or go to school, to better themselves. Of course we get the occasional dead end moron, like you, that comes through here, accusing people of all kinds of shit, and calling people losers for doing the same exact shit you are. I don't claim a higher level of intelligence, but if I were to, it's because you're a fucking nerd raging moron. You also took this way more seriously than anybody else in the discussion. Are you sure you can read?

You sure have missed a lot. Too complicated for you?

And you say I had an inappropriate response to kael supposedly setting me straight on posting etiquette but also telling me to relax my posts giving props to a now badly written manga. Again, unless you run this why make it your place to correct me. Let me get dinged for the offense and I'll learn that way.
Or you could not be a complete immature idiot about everything and grow the fuck up. Nobody told you not to give props they told you not to double/triple post, which in turn hurt your fragile little feelings and started all of this. Quit acting like your 5 and man the fuck up you pussy. You're acting like a pissed off little girl right now.

Then to step out beside yourself to criticize what I say to other people posting, not you mind you, and then all this sh*t unfolds. Talking about future button pushing like a dip sh*t when I jus wanna read more of stuff posted by creative members like J_H or Vishnu and Jericho. Get a damn grip.
Unless its directed to you dont concern yourself. And unless you run something stop interjecting yourself in other peoples business. Point blank....
You can't really be this stupid can you? If you want to read, read. Nobody's telling you not to, we're telling you to stop acting like a mother fucking child.

Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
And did I miss the part where if you're directing something to somebody they can't speak for themselves? Vishnu always does and we dialog about his storyline. Why that bothers you cry babies is beyond me.
Lmao. You flunked school didn't you? Your grammar is atrocious at best. Nobody's stopping anybody from talking, we're trying to stop you from being the baby that your acting like.

And my man, I'm not 5 but you are a clown for this sh*t his evening.
You're right. You're MUCH too immature to be 5. You're more like 3, throwing hissy fits and what not. Seriously, my 5 year old niece is more mature than you. That's pretty fucking sad on your part.

This discussion and the name calling tonwards me was utter nonsense.
LMFAO. That was so stupid it was almost funny, you hypocrite. Quit being such a fucking baby, and man up, and own up to what you did instead of continuing to dance around like a bitch.

This was Kael's post.
Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
There's an edit feature for a reason. Also, dude, seriously, it's fan fics for Naruto. It's not like they are award winning writers.

This was your retarded, immature nerd raging response, lmao.
Originally Posted by KiddJutsu View Post
Kael03 - first off, who the f*ck are you? Critiquing my critiques, really? Like you're the damn warden in the Naruto Forum or something. Talk your thumb out of your a$$ now and suck it easy you f-ing clown. Nothing is directed to you or about you so you could just avoid even addressing what I post but no, you gotta make noise just because you can. I'm here reading people who take the manga and put creative twists to is, period. And I give props to people who do it in a way thats enjoyable. How in the hell is that your business bro or something you gotta try to comment on? You a suck-L, meaning losers in the states where I'm from. So back off when you see me posting giving props to the writers in a FAN FICTION THREAD you dip sh*t.

You're right, the name calling was utter nonsense. On your part. Are you going to continue to act like a huge vagina or what?

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -M. K. Gandhi
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