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One Piece 673


Cool chapter.

So basically this is Alabasta 2.0 it seems. A SB infiltrating an organization and plotting shit, which is surprising since Flamingo never struck me as the type to do that. Most things have been tied up, all that is left is the motive. I hope it isn't simple conquest, that has been done to death. Maybe these experiments are all related to D.Flamingo being part of the dark underground/black market of the One Piece verse ?

A medicine that can make giants on demand would be very profitable. I wonder where this arc will go now, so many things are on the table. My guess is that Wano is up next, and D.Flamingo will tie into that possibly. W/e comes next, with the reveal of D.Flamingo being involved his downfall is surely on the way.

Shs/Heart pirates vs D.Flamingo's crew ? I like !!!

The slime ate a DF, which is yet another thing CC has knowledge of, feeding DFs to inanimate objects. The candy scene was creepy, the cage scene was funny ( Franky resting on Robin's lap ), and Where the hell is Chopper ?

Possible Salvation there ?

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