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603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

more flashback

To err is human, to forgive, divine. Humans aren't machines... they have souls, feelings. They live, they die, they love, they hate... And yes, they even make mistakes.....

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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Madara speaks more about the misery of reality and creating a dilute world filled with his ideal utopia. Obito shits his pants and sings "cry me a river" Justin Timberlake. Madara fits Obito ugly bitchy face under a mask. Tells him of his son or idiot Uzumaki named Nagato. Tells Obito to go find the 20 plus year old Nagato. Tell him the plan is still on. Madara asks OBito to focus on his MS and attempts to verbally train the dipshit how to use it. Nagato shows up and pushes Madara into an empty coffin. Obito is now Madara. The pint sized ben n jerry's container tells Nagato I am the big shit now and you must follow me. Zetsu finally wakes up from his slumber, finds that Madara has been switched already and follows Obito down memory lane....well anyway serious prediction coming up.
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever


After reading that, I want someone to call Chris Hansen.

Edit: yeah apacolypz, reading this manga is starting to make me uncomfortable.

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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

i got that

EDIT: yeah emachina..looks like Obito was trying to give up that boy butt to Madara lol...take care of his bottom parts?? WTF! Madara is like nah you freak! Calm it down! My dick don't work anyway.... Yeah kinda creepy lines there....Kishi you're just wrong in the head dude lol

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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Remember when Kabuto first showed Tobi the Madara casket? He said he'd only be hurting himself if he fought Madara. So maybe he literally did not want to fight himself.

Its possible the Old Madara fused with Obito, and somehow part of him remained in the living world and part of him went to the pure world so Kabuto could create Edo-Madara. Madara could pull a Majin Buu. Maybe if Kakashi and/or Naruto TNJ's Tobitara, somehow Old/Good Madara will emerge, and then Madara vs. Madara! Or maybe he could fuse with Sasuke providing a much needed powerup.
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Tobito: I don't care that you're Madara. I have to get back to Konoha and protect Rin! Nothing you can say will stop me!
Madara: Would you like a piece of candy.........young Uchiha?
Tobito: Candy? Yummy, yummy candy.
Madara: I need you........young Uchiha. To help me rid this world of pain, and suffering, and all the tortures of life.
Tobito: Why do you need me?
Madara: Bitch I've got magic tree branches of life sticking out of my spine.
Tobito: Yeah. I was going to ask about that, but I didn't want to be rude.
Madara: Anyways, oh by the way, do you know a guy from Konoha named Orochimaru? We were members of a group of adult men who like to spend time with, ahem, younger ninjas. To be their, ahem, mentors. He was suppose to bring me the minutes from the last meeting but he hasn't been around.
Tobito: "shrugs"
Madara: Pity. Anyways, I need you to take on my persona. You must be Madara. And then we can begin my plan to bring about an end to pain and suffering and struggle.
Tobito: But, isn't a person defined by their struggles? You became known as the greatest Uchiha because of your constant fights with the First Hokage. Without pain and suffering mixed in, you would never have become who you are. A ninja of legends. A man who helped bring together two warring clans under the banner of peace. Without your pain and our struggles who knows what would have happened.
Madara: Do you want the candy or not you little shit?
Tobito: Yes sir.
Madara: Okay then. I need you to go to Konoha, grow a foot, find a teenage boy named Itachi, don't ask how I know, slaughter all the Uchihas, gather their eyes. Then, fight the 4th Hokage, there will be a fourth one when you get back and he will be Minato. Don't ask. Steal the 9 tails from his wife. Make sure he doesn't recognize who you are. And bring the 9 tails to me. If you fail at that, the 9 tails will probably be implanted into a young baby, he will be far to powerful for you to handle. So, instead, I will need you to gather a group of insanely strong ninjas, wait about 12 years before you start doing anything significant. Take over the Hidden Rain village. Build a giant moving statue with 9 eyes. Go around the country killing and collecting the other tailed beasts, all the while forgetting everyone you knew from Konoha and act like a complete retard. Only after the 9 tails grow up into an extremely powerful teenager and I'm dead, will you go after the 9 tails. Oh, and speaking of my death. I willl need you to go find the kid with my other magic eyeballs and bring me back to life.
Tobito: Are you fucking high?
Madara No, just evil. And I have copping issues. The Uchiha's were mean to me once and I just can't seem to move on.
Tobito: I won't do it.
Madara: Candy.
Tobito: Well, okay.
Madara: Now about those "lower parts" you mentioned earlier. I'm not getting any younger.........young Uchiha.

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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

603 - Broken Will
The first scene shows Obito with determined face while laying on ground. Madara looks at Obito with bitterness and interest.
Obito: just wait, Kakashi, Rin. I am alive!
Madara: I excepted this beahviour from you..., young Uchiha
Obito: ?!*turns his face to Madara* What do you mean, old man?
Madara closes his sharingan and reopen: Someone who being laid by Konoha for so long...
Obito: ?!*he try to get me by lies* and what do you think could convince me believe you more than Konoha, the old man missining...
Madara: Eh..., foolish young Uchiha, you don't know anything and yet judge me.
Obito: ?!
Madara: I don't blame you, you was brainwashed by Konoha fire of will and goodness from birth...
Obito: enough, don't dare to insult my village!
Madara: ...
The scene shows Obito moving while laying on ground slowly getting more and more far from Madara.
Madara: I see, so telling you truth about Uchiha life, curse in this world...
The scene shows Obito deosn't care about Madara speech and still moving forward, being closer and closer to door
Madara: Your live and you family...
The scene shows Obito deosn't care about Madara speech, almost catching door
Madara : You parents death won't interest you...
Obito: ?!*turns his face to Madara* My parents death..., what do you mean?!
Madara: This world is nothing more than lies, vengance, hate. All this evil feelings and even more are created by this World...
Obito: Just tell me on my parents or...
Madara: huh..., you are so young and naive. You accept everything told by your village as true, but what Konoha told you about your parents can be true...
Obito: go straight to topic, old man!
Madara: you have short temper young boy. According to konoha your both parents died in end of great second shinobi war as heroes...
Obito: and what is lie in it?
Madara: Your father Kagami Uchiha, was great shinobi even second hokage took under his teaching... but this is not full truth. Kagami Uchiha was my spy once...
Obito: ?! *My father was his spy, impossible?!* lie, you lie to me!
Madara: don't believe me, yes?! you don't left me other choice
Obito: ?!
Madara: to show you thruth, Sharingan!
Obito: ?!
The scene shows Madara sharingan spining. The scenery around Obito changes drastically to some forest in night. Now this shows younger Madara Uchiha talking with other Uchiha Man
Madara: you ensured that noone trailed or following after you, yes?!
??????: Yes, Madara - sama
Madara: goood, so any news, Kagami ?
Kagami: Yes, everything is going according to your plan Madara-sama
Madara: that great to hear.
Kagami: but unfortunetly protection in Konoha increased recently when I was about to left Konoha, Danzou, Hiruzen and even Anbu saw me, so I had to return back to Konoha...
Madara: well done, remember I don't accept failure, Kagami
Kagami: yes, Madara - sama
Madara: Good, remeber Kagami you are my son, but soon you won't be only one...
Kagami: so who your son will be...
Madara: his name will be Fugaku Uchiha...
Kagami: ...
Madara: Don't worry Kagami, you are the most important son, continue your mission
Kagami: Yes!
The scene changes completly to Konoha. It shows Hiruzen and Danzo guy talking with each other. Madara appears next to Obito.
Obito: Hokage -sama
Madara: he doesn't hear you..., this is memory young Obito...
Obito: I see...
*Talk begin*
The scene shows young Hiruzen sitting on chair doing paper work. Suddenly someone knock in door.
Hiruzen: who is bothering me now?!
?????: It is me, Danzo
Hiruzen: Danzo..., ok come in.
Danzo enter Hokage room: how are you doing?!
Hiruzen: Good, a little too damn paper work, but screw it
Danzo: as I thought
Hiruzen: What bring you here, Danzo
Danzo: As you remembered last time we discovered that Kagami Uchiha was spy probably, leaving Konoha in night time without permission
Hiruzen lift his eyes and focus on Danzo: Yes, and what about it?!
Danzo: Anbu searched his home and confiremd that he was spy and worked for someone, unfortunetlly we coudn't set identify of ninja, who Kagami worked for.
Hiruzen: was?!, worked?!, what do you use past tense when you tell about Kagami. NO... you couldn't...
Danzo: yes, I killed him with help of Anbu!
Hiruzen: How could you do it, he was our friend after all
Danzo: Silly teachings of friendship, love taught by First Hokage, Second Hokage and now even you...
Hiruzen: Danzo, Stop this now!
Danzo: I don't care about it. After our discovery you know what Hokage must do it..., for betrayal of Konoha...
Hiruzen: No, there must be other way than it...
Danzo: No, take you resposibility as Hokage and do it...
Hiruzen: ...
Danzo: If you can't do it, don't worry I or your people can assasinate Kagami wife
Hiruzen: No...
Danzo: If you don't do it, then I will reveal in Konoha that you support traitors in village!
Hiruzen: You couldn't do...
Danzo: challenge me, ok as you want...
The scene shows Danzo walking closer and closer to door with little smile appearing on his mouth.
Hiruzen: you won, just do it..., without any witness, understood
Danzo: As you wish, Hokage - sama
The scene shows Danzo leaving with evil smirk while Hiruzen stand in his room with sad face.
*Talk finish*
Obito: father..., and now mother... ,NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madara turns to Obito: sad truth, but this is life
Obito with glowing sharingan: it is your fault!
Madara: no..., you are wrong. You wanted to meet your friends ,yes?
Obito calm down yourself: yes, so what?!
Madara: girl called Rin, you loved and your friend Kakashi, yes?!
Obito: Yes, so what about them ?!
Madara: I will show you!
Obito: ?!
Madara: Sharingan!
The scene changes to many graves in Konoha. Among many graves Obito and Madara are standing before one grave with small Name written
Obito schocked: No..., just NO...
Madara: Sad but true. Let's face it life is hard, Obito
Obito rage: No, NO!!!
Madara: ...
Obito fall on knees: he..., hu...
Madara: My friend Zetsu recorded everything, if you want I can show you
Obito turns face to Madara while kneeling: ?! Please show me, just show me
Madara: as you want. Sharingan!
The scene changes to Past. It shows Kakashi and Rin travelling through forest. Obito and Madara appear floating in sky as they are watching.
Kakashi: Rin..., hurry up and run as fast as you can
Rin: Kakashi...
Kakashi: Enemy Ninja's are following after us. They are comming closer and closer... *What can I do?!*
The scene shows many kunai flying at Kakashi and Rin, they avoid many of them to be hit by just few.
The scene shows some of Ninja's charging directly at Kakashi and Rin. Kakashi push away Rin with hand and focus on enemies attack. Kakashi kill one Ninja after another, suddenly Few of Ninja throw smoke bombs to cover Kakashi visibility.
Kakashi: ?! *smoke bomb doesn't work on me, so why they used it*
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

The scene shows smoke clear up. Kakashi is seen unwounded, while in front of them many Ninja are shown and one of them is keeping Rin at rock
Kakashi: uh..., oh no Rin!
Rin: ?!, Let me go!
Enemy Boss Ninja: hehe, no way we could let you go girl.*Looks at Kakashi*
What do you do now copy Ninja , Hatake Kakashi?!
Kakashi:?! *Damn, what should I do?*
Rin: ...
Enemy Boss Ninja: So you don;t care about life of your girl, hn *put Kunai closer to her neck*
Kakashi: my girl... NO!! stop it!
Enemy Boss Ninja: why should i?!
Kakashi: Your aim is not her, is me. I will give up and drop my guard if you let her go, just let her go *Obito, I will keep you promise, I can't let them injure her*
Enemy boss Ninja: hehe, clever choice to sacrifice yourself instead of girl. OK, I let her go If you will drop your guards and give up, Kakashi Hatake.
The scene shows 6 Ninja's jumping down and come to Kakashi to tie him.
Rin: NO!!!!
Rin: You can't do it. You are hero and I believe in you
Kakashi: Rin...
Enemy Ninjas: Die!
Rin: Kakashi...*Forgive me Kakashi, Obito but I will try to escape*
The scene shows Rin trying to escape, kick Enemy boss Ninja in guts with her heel and then try to release from Enemy boss hold. Enemy boss notice it and shout that he will kill her. Kakashi notice this as well and run to her killing enemy ninja in way.
Enemy boss: Damn you girl, now you will die!
Rin: Help!
Kakashi uncovers sharingan: NO!!
Enemy: Kill him!
The scene shows Kakashi runing to save Rin. He kill many Ninja's while avoding many shuriken, attacks.
Enemy Ninja: Damn, Just kill him!
Other Enemy Ninja: we can't, he has sharingan to predict our attacks!
The scene shows Kakashi jumping on rock killing many enemy ninja in his way. He notice enemy boss behind some Ninja so he activate Chidori and attack with all madness in his eyes to kill enemy boss. As Kakashi pass enemy ninjas killing them ,he is very close to Enemy boss.
Kakashi: You wil die!
Enemy boss laughs: hahaha!!!
The scene shows Kakashi comming closer and closer when he is just few feet away, Enemy Boss reveals Rin from coat and protect himself with her body.
Kakashi:NO!!! *please , let me stop, just stop* chichihci
Rin: Ka ?!

The scene shows Kakashi unable to stop moving so he pierce Rin straight in heart with chidori, while enemy boss escapes and throws explosive kunai at Kakashi and dying Rin.

Kakashi: NO!!!!, Rin..., I?!
Rin: kashi...?!
Enemy boss: Die!!
The scene shows Kakashi protecting Rin while Enemy boss Ninja watch them survive so he retreats. Kakashi is crying while keeping Rin dying on his hands.
Kakashi: NO!!!!!!
Rin: Ka...ka...shi, don't c...ry
Kakashi: Rin..., It was all my fault, If I only could turn back time, I could save yo..?!
Rin: Ka...ka...shi, I for...giv...e you, fin...al...ly I can me...et Obi...to in nex...t world, good bye
Kakashi:NO!!! RIN!!!!
The scene shows Obito and Madara. Obito screams very loud while his one and only eye changes in sharingan and begins to glowing redish more and more finally evolves to Mangenkyu Sharingan which appear in Obito eye. Madara Genjutsu is broken by Obito rage and when everything comes back to Obito and Madara standing in Madara hideout while Obito is revealed with MS glowing very redish.
The flashback ends

604 -Cursed World

I hope you enjoyed reading it.
I am lazy a little so I used part of my previous prediction here. I mean part of Kakashi and Rin, where Rin died...

Please stay focus and read my continuation it is going to be interesting.

As usual sorry for any grammar, literal or typing mistakes
Hear you soon
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

If Danzo is somehow connected with Obitos parents death, he would probably kill him first, dont you think so? Of course theres possibility that he could not know that Danzo was involved in killing his parents, but Obito knows like everything.

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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Apacolypz Fan Prediction 603

An unforeseen alliance

As Madara and Obito sit in Madara's underground lair.....

Obito: Why do you view this world this way? You are my ancestor, the greatest Uchiha ever! How is it that you have such a poor view of your surroundings? Yeah life sucks at times, look at me I am proof. Life on the other hand has it's rewards. Your help also is proof of that.

Madara: I helped you simply because you are of the Uchiha clan..If you were some other soul I would of gladly watched you slip into the next world! Obito: Humph! (Turns his head not facing Madara)

Madara: So my words, you don't agree with them. If I had the strength I would take action to show you why this world must come to an end. My vision and dream is something we all reach for. Clinging to just a dream is a nightmare. In life we must face our aspirations dead on and make our mark in this dismal world.

Obito: You abandoned your FAITH! Don't act as if the entire world has made your life a complete misery! We all face our ups and downs..we all learn our lessons from those moments to better ourselves.

Madara: So you have hope for the people, hope that the people if left alone will solve this never ending curse. A curse that steals away everyone's happiness. I was robbed myself multiple times in this life. Obito: Really even the infamous Uchiha Madara?

Madara: We all are exposed to the same grief and torment..the pain of losing a loved one..in my case I lost my most loyal friend and attachment to this plain. I lost my loving little brother. After that because of Hashirama I lost my entire clan..I was left, casted out if you will. I found my first home in a place call the Hidden Mist... A crying city where I found my first true heart break following the death of my dear brother Izuna. I inherited a new clan of which was weak...but I found value in their existence. Their humbled way of life taught me something very important...Love...how to cherish something so minuscule. What it fills, when I see nothing but a hole in my chest.

For the first time in forever..I held hands and felt a true compassion for a native of the Mist. Murano Uzukami. Hashirama was married to an Uzumaki. When I saw her face at first there was bitter anger..then as she placed her hand on my shoulder greeting me as if hate did not exist in her soul. She smiled and poured me tea..I never looked at her that way again..I never saw Mito Uzumaki in her...I never saw the foe that my head wanted me to see. In time we were a couple. I exchanged my long term goals for eternal passion for her. In due time she was pregnant with our first child. Her father and I never saw eye to eye. I always kept my cool and patiently heard his abrasive comments. He then threatened to separate me from my love. He succeeded, he took his daughter and moved away. I tried to keep in contact with her....to marry her rightfully. Her father once again made his move to secure what he thought would be a bright future for his daughter. He married her off to a man within their village. She wept for my return, but the heartache is that she moved on. As my child grew in her belly she turned to the man she knew and now loved. Her father filled her heads with lies that I was a murderer, I was only here to flee from the crimes of my home country. She became fearful of my very existence. I was shattered. I became vengeful, I became the flicker of fire in the night. I waited patiently to exact my revenge. I put her fathers head on a spike! (lowers his head) I was caught up in the moment of the ongoing war.

I had come up with a plan that would guarantee my return to the top of the shinobi world. I had implanted my eyes into my son. I knew with his special chakra source he could do many things in life. One night years later I found some ninjas from the Hidden Leaf. I swallowed my love for Murano and banished her to hell with all my emotions. War was all around us. Now that I was use to my new eye I had to put it to the test. I put two Leaf nins under genjutsu and forced them to kill Murano and her new lover...The only thing is my son...my son..he was there....out of his hatred for them...he himself unlocked the potential of my eyes at an early age. I wanted to stay at his side..but I now knew that he had to find his way around this bleak cycle. My plan though needed his power....I had the perfect opportunity for him to use his new found gifts. (Picture of Danzo is shown.)

We never shared a moment of bliss or adventure. He has never had parental love...and his hate will grow into a power the world has lost memory of. A Sage....

Obito: So you stayed alone even after all that....
Madara: There was no place for me..yet...Afterwards I concealed my identity and found my way to the Mizukages side. Using the power of the Uchiha it was easy to become the Mizukage in the shadows. From there I developed a plan that you will from now on enforce. I started to create a group that you now will finish.

Obito: What is your plan? Why me?
Madara: Haven't you been listening kid, to bring Peace and Love to a world filled with winners! You say why you? You were chosen to be the catalyst of change. You will become something unlike any Uchiha before you....You will become a hero...

Obito's eye lights up!
Madara: As I said you will pay back this debt of life slowly...and slowly you will see the world as I do..... a desolate world filled with weak resolves....and losers...

Obito: Kakashi, Rin and Sensei?? Losers?
My friends aren't losers! I get where you are coming from but I do have something and a place to call my own. I have people waiting for me!

Madara: Tell you what kid, let's place a bet. While you heal and strengthen that artificial body...If your friend keeps his promise I will find our new deal null and void...If he somehow breaks his promise to you....you are mine...FOREVER!

Obito: Kakashi will always protect Rin! No matter what! DEAL!

Madara: You will learn something very valuable about friends...in the end..promises are empty words and friends grow apart...Your heartbreak will come ...and it will be by the hands of someone you trusted....

For now we find out how you slipped away from escaping demise!


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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Jericho Prediction

Naruto 603: "discoveries"



Naruto, "the Kages wouldn't fall to you they gave their word!"

Madara, " words are words and only that. You are powerful but stupid. Young but slow to learn, i can tell."

Bee, " just cause we're gonna kick you butt don't mean u gotta insult!"

Madara looks at bee, " you can never defeat me, i am as far beyond you as the Sage of Six *Paths!"

Naruto on guard still in Kurama mode, "you mean Nagato? When he was Pein I fought him and won!"

Kurama, {yeah but when he came back with Itachi he kicked your butt!}

Madara, " what, no not Nagato, he was merely a fraction of what the Sage was, he had potential though."

Naruto tries to attack Madara with two clones and a rasengan.

Madara, " why would you try to fight me with such an obvious tactic?"
Madara easily defeats them black flames.

Madara, " what did you learn from your clones? If you want to learn something young mutt i can teach you."

He goes RG.

Naruto, "Mutt?! You don't wanna get me mad!"

Madara, " that was not to get you upset, your clan is a mutt clan. You Are uninformed aren't you? How many secrets did they keep from you?

Naruto, " what are you talking about?!"

Madara, "the Uzumaki clan was founded by the child of a Senju and an Uchiha. Why do you think Konoha had the village destroyed? The potential power in any number of them could have equaled the legendary Sage of Six Paths!"

Naruto is shocked, " what, no Senju were related to Uzumaki, why would they..."

Madara, " the founders of the Senju and Uchiha clans were direct descendants of the sons of the Sage. Paths were chosen, some separated through the generations then werr born the separate clams of Senju and Uchiha. Over tine rhe relation was forgotten and the two came together again and ended up creating the Uzumaki clan."

Naruto, {somehow i can feel in his chakra, he isn't lying. He at least believes what he is saying!}

Madara, "the Senju DNA *is a lot stronger then any other, after all the Body is their gift from the Sage. It is rare for an Uzumaki to awaken the Doujutsu known as RG. So rare it faded to be known *only as legend or myth. But still under the 2nd Hokage a secret mission to prevent the occurence of another Sage was initiated. The seperation of the Uzumaki from their heriteg from their birthrites. The misguidance if it being due to their mastery if seals and longevity was put in play."

Madara walks closer to the two, " i do enjoy teaching the ignorant, but I must be gaining the Hacibi and Kyuubi now."

Naruto, " Kurama... My partner's name..."

He moves in a flash to attack Madara from the front but as Madara blocks another Naruto cones from behind with *Bijuudama.

"is KURAMA!"

The attack lands and a huge explosion occurs.

Naruto is still standing by Bee, he was protected by the tentacles.

The dust settles, Madara is regenerating, "useless, i don't bother keeping my guard up with this body."

Scene change.

Orochimaru and the rest are approaching the remains of the Leaf Village.

We see them going to a dark hidden place.

Sugeitsu, " is this the Uchiha hide out?"

Sasuke, " no, i dont know what thus place is."

Orochimaru, " this is a back door..."

We see them emerge from a hidden door with the elders in front of them surprised.*

Orochimaru, " Were *home."

Sasuke, " i don't mind killing you, but right now, i want answers."

Moments later we see Sasuke standing with the elders and the rest are gathered around but watching for any interference.

Homaru, " first of all young Uchiha, you may have grown in skill and ability since you were here, but that dies not mean a damn thing to me."

Koharu, " it is true, i see you have grown and by the look in your gaze you have achieved EMS, very god for you. But that does not make you a God of shinobi."

Sasuke, " just tell me, why was Konoha against the Uchiha, why dis you exterminate my clan?!"

Homaru, " you ate misinformed, here."

He pulls out the crystal ball we saw early in the series.

Koharu, " oh goodness, i hate that thing it just creeps me out."

Sasuke, " i don't want your tricks."

Orochimaru looks, " oh the orb of seeing, that Sasuke is the most honest product of the most honorable ninja known."

Homaru, " Orochimaru is right, created by the combined efforts of the 1st hokage, 2nd and the leader of the Uzumaki village."

Koharu, " it shows you what or who you want to see. Any place you want to see at anytime. If just fakes alot of chakra to operate it."

Sasuke, " your saying, If i ask it anything, it will show me exactly that?"

He looks at Juugo and he comes over and holds the orb for him, using his chakra.

Sasuke, "show me who is responsible for the Uchiha *massacre."

Vision in the orb:

We see the conversation with the Konoha council and Itachi. But soon after we see Danzou alone after his talk with Itachi.

A figure in the shadows, "it is done?"

Danzou, " yes, everyone is under the impression of a coup from the Uchiha clan. Even one of their own."

Slightly *in he light the figure steps out.

Danzou, " why, why does the legendary Madara Uchiha want his own clan wiped out?"

Madara, "that is not for you to know, you will get the talked about payment for your efforts. Along with the promise*that I will not crush this village, for now."

Later we see that Madara was the one killing the Uchiha clan. Later we see him talking with Itachi before Itachi goes into kill his parents.

Itachi, " I will do it, make sure yo leave Sasuke alone and the rest of the village."

Madara, " i leave you to it then."

Sasuke, " it was all him, it was Madara , the real one?"

Sugeitsu, " then who is the masked guy?"

The Orb react and shows Obito, with Kakashi at the cave and then later him putting on the mask.

Sasuke, "we were all played as fools, my clan was taken from me. Anger was given in it's place, i robbed on a family on bond. "

He looks At the Elders, " but it was not your fault."

Homaru, "so now you are headed in another direction with your revenge?"

Sasuke, "Ka...my Sensei told me that *vengeance is never satisfied. Once you seek it and you find it your empty and have to replace it with more. I am done, now I want justice."

Scene switch to Naruto and Bee. Bee is down and Naruto is being held up by Madara by the neck.

Madara, " i am done with you, where is the real one?"

Naruto, "out of your reach."

Madara, "when i destroy you the real one will learn everything you have. Your Kages are dead, i am going to kill everyone here and I have looked in your mind. I see the one you love,I will make sure that i kill her too!"

Naruto is shocked and angered.

Madara, " there is nothing you can do, look!"

He flashes his MS and flashes a genjutsu of everything he said. Then as the Naruto clone is about to scream he destroys it.

We see in a dark place Naruto is on his knees, his head is down. *We don't see his face *but *we see the ground in front of him. Tears land.

Naruto, " when I get out if here, I will destroy you..."

He lifts his head with Kurama eyes, " Madara Uchiha!"

Scene change we se the elders alone.

Koharu, "what is to become of him?"

Homaru looks down at the orb in his hands, " i didn't see that coming."

In the Orb we see a set RG.

Next: " see no evil"

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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

Jericho - killer my friend as always. And I appreciate the break from these damn flashbacks too.
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

LOL at break from flashbacks... yeah a break would be good but hey they are necessary right now. It would of been ideal for Kishi to switch to Sasuke and Oro about two chapters ago. Anyhoo Jericho, good prediction. You took a different approach than I did. LOL @ Orochimaru "We're home!" lol! Coming in the back door and crystal ball....nice little touches
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

the scene starts with obito crawling on the ground
Madara:listen in your condition their is no way you can leave this place
obito: i have to try, konoha needs me!
madara:forget about konoha break all the ties you have with it, it will only cause hatred
obito:how could you say that you founded konoha with hashirama..
madara:don't say that name!
obito:look i don't have time to talk i have to get out
the scene shows obito getting to his feet trying to walk but he falls to the ground becoming unconscious
the next day obito opens his eye
madara: this is the last time i will help you since you don't listen will help you to leave here to see this world of hate but first you must recover
obito:i can't stay there is a war!!
madara:there will always be war as long as this accursed ninja world exist
obito is seen on a crutch following madara as they enter a lab with many bodies that look like zetsu
madara:thanks to the first cells you are recovering at the extraodionary pace by tomorrow you will be healed but promise me that you will not tell of me
obito: i promise grandpa madara
the next day
madara: remember as i said before there are no exits but there is a way for you to leave
obito: tell me
madara:when you were under the rock you were able to phase through it how is that
obito:i don't remember
madara activates his sharingan to look into obito memory
flashback we see the rocks about to hit obito on his left side when his body begins to vibrate we see him slipping through the ground into madaras hideout
madara: it seems i learned something interesting
madara: i was able to see how your jutsu works and i will teach you but this will take some time
a week later
obito: i finally got it! i can't believe i learned it that fast
madara: that is not suprising for an uchiha but you only learned the first stage of it i will have to teach you the second stage
obito: no can do i have to go now
obito is seen running upstairs unto slipping right out the wall as he gets to land their are dead shinobi all over the ground
scene switches to madara with a grin on his face in the dark
madara:nows your turn
zetsu: yes master
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Re: 603 prediction/bullshit/what so ever

i think i know how obito got so strong i'm pretty sure madara gave obito his right eye though its a spare eye madara was able to get it to the three tomoes or he took obito eye and unlocked the ms
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