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I felt like writing something and managed to squeeze in a few moments.
Hope you enjoy ;-)

Bleach 512: The Weaknes Of Genryusai Shikeguni Yamamoto

Juha Bach looks in surprise at the explosion in the sky. Ichigo comes flying straight down towards where they stand.

Ichigo: ‘Old man!!!!!’ he screams as he heads towards them.
Juha Bach: So he managed to escape the jailor, it was enough that he was delayed this long, there is nothing more that he can do now.

Ichigo crashes to the ground next to the rubble that used to be the captain commander. Juha Bach turns his back on Ichigo and begins to walk away with his underling

Juha Bach: Kurosaki Ichigo, you have failed to save the annihilation of soul society. Go back to the real world and live your human life. This is not a war for children!

Ichigo looks down at the blackened out smudges and lets out a tremendous scream of rage and grief.

Underling (whilst still walking away): I didn’t realise his feelings were that deep for the captain commander.
Juha Bach: You forget that Yamamoto shared his reiatsu as well to return Kurasaki Ichigo’s powers, he probably felt the last moments of his life more keenly than anyone else ever will.

Suddenly the ground to the side of Ichigo erupts in a tower of flame.

Juha Bach/Ichigo: ?!!!

Juha Bach turns around to see the tower of flames slowly reduce in size and take the form of a vague wavering person (like a wavering shadow made up of flames)

Juha Bach: Indeed your strength is unmatched Ryujin Jaka. For the remnant of yourself that was left within him to appear by itself after his death…you truly are the strongest Zanpaktou in the whole of soul society.

Juha Bach slowly walks towards the flaming shadow.

Juha Bach: But why appear now? You do not have the strength to exact revenge if that is what you wish. Your fate has been sealed, you will burn away and turn into nothing.

The shadow of flames suddenly lets out a scream of its own, the flames spread out to either side of it the body suddenly turning into a wall of flames. Juha Bach jumps back putting some distance between him and the flames

Juha Bach: (could it still be thinking of talking me out…tenacious as its former master)

As Ichigo and bach watch them the flames rise up into the sky and then shoot down towards Ichigo. They strike him and ichigo screams out in pain as they completely engulfing him.

Juha Bach: !!! Noooo!

Bach unleashes a massive arrow aimed straight at the flames, as it reaches close to Ichigo it suddenly explodes covering the whole area in blinding light.
As the light dissipates you can still hear Ichigo’s screaming in the background, Bach uncovers his eyes and looks towards ichigo. In front of Ichigo you see figure robed in a white cloak with a white cowl over their head. They’re holding out a shield in front of them which is still smoking from its centre where the arrow had struck. The shield is emblazoned with the logo of house Shihouin.

Juha Bach: Lady Shihouin, so you have chosen to side with them.

You see a close up of the figure in white and see the hair and eyes of Yoruichi looking out from under the cowl. She looks on at Juha for a moment and then drops a smoke bomb to the ground covering the area in thick smoke.
As it clears you see that both Yoruichi and Ichigo have disappeared.

Underling: Bach sama, I’ll-
Juha Bach: Forget it, the goddess of flash has played her hand well. Her cloak cuts of all her reiatsu and that smoke bomb hid the initial direction she set off in. we won’t catch her now.
Underling: hmph, it will not change anything, Kurasaki Ichigo has become incapacited and the captain commander no more-

You see a flash as behind Juha the underlings arm falls to the ground

Underling: aargh
Juha Bach: you fail to grasp the real situation.
Juha Bach: The remaining power of what was once Ryujin Jaka did not take form of its own accord, it was summoned by the cries of Kurosaki Ichigo.
Juha Bach: The weakness of Yamamoto that led him to return Kurosaki Ichigo’s powers caused a link to be created between them. Ryujin Jaka came out in answer to its own cries and has now merged with Kurosaki Ichigo.
Underling: then that would mean that Kurosaki now commands the power of the strongest flame type Zanpaktou.
Juha Bach: No, the majority of Ryujin Jaka’s energy had already been either sealed by me or dispersed. The question is how much power did it have left, whether Kurosaki will survive and if so how Ryujin Jaka will manifest within him.
Juha Bach: If we do see him again he may undoubtedly be more dangerous than the zero squad…

Scene Swithces to Yourichi

Yoruichi is flying with ichigo on her shoulder. He is unconcious and blackened as if he’s been seriously burnt. There are tears in Yoruichi’s eyes.

Yoruichi: Hang in there Ichigo, Hang In there!

Next Week: 513: the last words of Genryusai Shikeguni Yamamoto.
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