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minato uchiha
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Re: naruto_Manga_606

So White Zetsu existed before the Black one. This is also means, when B..Zetsu commented on Itachi being invincible, that was Madara's Will talking. Lol, me and all fellow Itachi wankers love that type of recognition for our man.

So how did Madara know about Nagato and its not like he was the only one with Senju lineage alive at the time. Or was he? Idk

I've always wondered who the child of Hashirama and Mito was, the one whose birth almost released the kyuubi. It couldn't have being Nagato but maybe that child was his father or relation.

How did Madara know that combining Senju/Hashirama cells with his own will awaken the rinnegan? The Uchiha Tablet is probably the source of that information, directly or indirectly. I really thought the unique power that Itachi spoke off which came with Madara's Ems was Zetsu, but it seems like it was a red herring along.

Speaking of the tablet, now we know why Obito sneaked into Konoha to inspect it. He was told by Madara about how much the Ms can decipher it and he wanted to see for himself. Interestingly, both Madara and Nagato have never actually read the tablet with their rinnegan, unless they somehow infiltrated Konoha to read it. Madara was too old and dependant on GM to do so himself and the manga never mentioned Nagato going to Konoha until he destroyed it. What the fuck does the tablet really say when read with the rinnegan?

I have a lil theory. Maybe Nagato's 'parents' were in fact Zetsu clones all along and that's how Madara gave his eyes to the unsuspecting child. Say his real parents were killed and cloned and Madara ordered his androids to transplant his eyes to an infant Nagato. Its a real quick operation, as we saw when Rin transplanted Obito's eye to Kakashi and Kakashi was able to use it straight away. Lol, but Kishi fucked up by making Sasuke wait for ages because he had to recover after the eye transplant operation. But I digress.

Nagato as a child was always shown with his hair covering his eyes and wouldn't his real parents know that their child had weird looking eyes? Hence why I'm beginning to think, they were Zetsu clones and maybe even the 'Konoha shinobi' that attacked them, were part of the same diabolical scheme, to force and induce Nagato to use the rinnegan in a stressful position.

Obito was probably the one who orchestrated Hanzo's betrayal of the Akatsuki, hoping that Nagato will use his rinnegan and summon GM. I still don't know what to make of the black rods being Madara's will, why Obito and Madara wanted spare sharingan's, and why Obito wanted to sync Sasuke with GM. Lol, plus why he lied to Konan when he had no reason to do so. So yeah, more questions than answers....
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